Kiran Tabeir opens up on Showbiz Industry’s Dark Side

Pakistani TV actress Kiran Tabeir spoke about the entertainment industry and highlighted the dark side of it.

Kiran Tabeir opens up on Showbiz Industry's Dark Side f

"I share his pictures and videos without his approval."

Having been part of the entertainment world, Kiran Tabeir opened up about the dark side of the industry.

During her acting career, she has witnessed many highs and lows, both personally and in the industry collectively.

Following her appearance in the popular drama Parizaad, which starred Ahmed Ali Akbar, Kiran soon gave birth to her daughter Izzah, who she called her biggest blessing.

Kiran said at the time:

“Lucky are those whose first child is a daughter. And I [have been] blessed with one Alhamdulillah after 12 years.

“Finally, Allah [has] blessed us with His Rehmat. We are parents now. It’s a baby girl, meet Izzah Hamza Malik.”

Her portrayal of Saeeda in the show received praise and love from fans.

After she gave birth, Kiran decided to take some time off from acting and told her fans that she plans to enjoy motherhood before returning to the showbiz industry.

Recently, Kiran took part in a Q&A on Instagram and opened up about her personal and professional life.

She stated that the world of showbiz was not always a happy or gratifying place to be.

Revealing secrets, Kiran said if you were successful in one drama you go for another but you are never truly happy.

Speaking about her personal life, Kiran explained why she does not share many pictures of her husband.

She said: “Because he doesn’t like social media and he says don’t put my photos up on social media.

“I respect his boundaries. But still sometimes I share his pictures and videos without his approval.”

On her life after giving birth to her daughter, Kiran said she had not lost any weight.

She said she is enjoying motherhood and she would take weight loss slowly.

Asked how she dealt with negative comments in the past, Kiran said she does not listen to the negativity, citing comments she received when she did not have a child.

The actress added that she is solely focused on the happiness of her marriage.

Giving her opinion of the entertainment industry as a whole, Kiran Tabeir stated that it is a mean world that can take as much from you as it gives you.

She added: “You forget to live for yourself and you genuinely forget to be happy.

“It’s a never-ending race and you’re never satisfied with the success of one drama. You have to deal with the unpleasant attitude of a lot of people.”

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