Is Jannat Se Aagay off to a Strong Start?

‘Jannat Se Aagay’ is a new Pakistani television drama on Geo TV. It is two episodes in but is it’s start a strong one?

Is Jannat Se Aagay off to a Strong Start f

she uses their helplessness to her advantage

Geo TV has released Jannat Se Aagay, another drama under the 7th Sky Entertainment banner, and it is based on the ins and outs of morning shows and the impact they have on their audience.

Jannat Se Aagay follows the story of morning show host Jannat Jahan (Kubra Khan) and her greed to obtain ratings for her show.

It also follows the story of a loving girl named Tabassum (Ramsha Khan), who is an avid fan of Jannat and wishes to be like her.

We see Talha Chahour in the role of Farooq. He is engaged to Tabassum but finds it difficult to hold down a job.

Jannat Se Aagay gives the viewers a dramatised insight into the lives of morning show hosts and their personal lives.

It shows helpless individuals seeking help from Jannat, but she uses their helplessness to her advantage and turns the situation in her favour in order to get views for her show.

Once off the camera, viewers are able to see Jannat in her real self, as she takes her audience on an emotional journey, shedding light on life away from the television screen.

Although just two episodes in, Kubra Khan has captivated her fans with her performance as the insensitive Jannat and Ramsha Khan has engaged her fans with her loving nature.

The first episode of this refreshing drama serial shows promise because as the story develops, the serial will only become better and better, a far cry from the usual love stories that have become Pakistani dramas.

Writer Umera Ahmed has very cleverly highlighted the life of a morning show host and the lengths they go to ensure their shows are number one in ratings and viewings.

Umera also touches on the feelings of the audience, in the face of Tabassum, by showing obsession and their desire to want to be like their favourite celebrities, unaware of the lies many live.

Umera Ahmed has come together with director Haseeb Hassan to create Jannat Se Aagay.

They have also previously worked together in the drama Alif, which starred Hamza Ali Abbasi and Sajal Aly.

Jannat Se Aagay is produced by Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi.

Other actors involved in this drama are Gohar Rasheed, Hina Bayat, Sheheryar Zaidi and Hamza Tariq.

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