Does Jannat Se Aagay accurately portray Successful Women?

‘Jannat Se Aagay’ is about the life of a morning television show host. But does it accurately portray successful working women?

Does Jannat Se Aagay accurately portray Successful Women f

a professional working woman struggles to maintain a healthy marriage

Pakistani show Jannat Se Aagay is about the personal and professional life of a working woman, in particular a morning television show host.

It was written by Umera Ahmed, directed by Haseeb Hassan, and co-produced by Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi.

The drama has an ensemble cast of Kubra Khan, Ramsha Khan, Gohar Rasheed, Talha Chahour and Saboor Aly.

The serial has got off to a strong start as viewers say it is a welcome break from the typical mother-in-law and daughter-in-law relationships.

But how exactly does the drama represent a working woman who juggles a professional and personal life?

Does the drama imply that once a woman steps out of her house in order to make a successful career for herself, she forgets how to run her house or how to maintain her family life?

The narrative is based on the fact that a professional working woman struggles to maintain a healthy marriage and be a present mother to her children.

A particular scene that became a topic of conversation was when it was implied that Jannat (Kubra Khan) was a bad mother by her child’s teacher and was told she needed to concentrate on her children.

The question arises that a father also has equal responsibilities towards his children, and if both parents are working, then the upkeep of the house and children should not always fall on the female.

It was also said that to place blame on the mother when things go wrong was unfair.

The relationship Jannat has with her husband Noman, is seen as a typical one in which the husband expects the wife to take care of everything, including him.

One storyline sees Noman embarking on an extra-marital affair because he is not happy in his marriage to Jannat.

This raised questions as to why a husband does not communicate with his wife when he is unhappy.

It cannot be ignored that the drama has huge potential to be better with its storylines.

But as a viewer, it is also important to recognise that Jannat Se Aagay is a refreshing drama that veers away from the typical storylines Pakistani writers seem to enjoy writing about.

Since the release of the latest episode, many viewers who watch the drama on YouTube came to give their opinions, with one individual questioning the show’s apparent lack of success.

The comment read:

“I don’t understand why the drama is so underrated.”

“It’s such an amazing drama with a unique script. Please support such dramas so we get to see more wonderful dramas like this.”

Another individual wrote: “What a brilliant piece of storytelling, beautifully written.

“On top of that, the best actors and characters. Umera Ahmed is back with a masterpiece.”

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