Nadia Khan feels insulted by ‘Jannat Se Aagay’

‘Jannat Se Aagay’ may have got off to a strong start but Nadia Khan is not a fan, saying she feels insulted by the show.

Nadia Khan feels insulted by 'Jannat Se Aagay' f

“This story is not for a drama"

Nadia Khan has expressed annoyance at Jannat Se Aagay for its portrayal of morning shows and their hosts.

The drama is based on morning shows and how they affect its viewers.

Nadia appeared on Kya Drama Hai and told host Mukarram Kaleem she felt offended about the way morning show hosts were shown in the drama as this was an unfair image.

She said: “We have done a lot of good work and when someone projects it so negatively it hurts a lot.

“This story is not for a drama, this can be a documentary, long play, or a telefilm”

Nadia went on to say that she struggled to get through the first two episodes of the serial. Having said that, Nadia admitted that she respected and was a fan of writer Umera Ahmed.

Mukarram agreed and said the drama was exaggerated and did not touch on the positivity that was shared on morning shows.

However, many argued that the drama was just light entertainment and it should not be taken seriously.

Some also said that Nadia was unhappy because the drama was an actual portrayal of her personal nature.

One viewer said: “Nadia Khan does not like the drama because it is based on her own life.

“She has humiliated Noor and Meera, and she even humiliated Sharmila Farooqui’s mother.”

The show has a cast of Kubra Khan, Gohar Rasheed, Ramsha Khan and Talha Chahour.

Jannat Se Aagay tells the story of morning show host Jannat (Kubra Khan) who is eager to do anything to get views for her show.

Nadia Khan began her morning show in 2003 when she joined ARY Digital with Breakfast with Nadia. Her show proved to be one of a kind at the time, and she quickly became popular.

In 2006, she moved on to Geo TV with The Nadia Khan Show and was met with more popularity and success.

Since she became the face of morning shows, many have followed her lead and also began their own shows. These include Shaista Lodhi, Nida Yasir and Juggun Kazim.

Maria Wasti also hosted a show on a boat in Turkey, which was applauded for its different setting, rather than being in a studio set.

In the past, morning shows have been the centre of discussions after many individuals stated that they had negative impacts on society and they should be banned.

Others argued that morning shows were an excellent way of raising awareness for topics that were not openly discussed on other platforms.

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