Was the Wedding Celebration in Kabli Pulao Unnecessary?

Kabli Pulao has captured the audience’s attention but a wedding celebration has got fans wondering if it was really needed.

Was the Wedding Celebration in Kabli Pulao Unnecessary f

some viewers believed it was not fair

Drama serial Kabli Pulao is proving to be one of the most popular shows on TV.

Despite only being six episodes in, the story has captivated audiences.

Although audiences are highly invested in the brewing love story between Barbeena (Sabeena Farooq) and Haji Mushtaq (Ehteshamuddin), many have questioned whether a wedding celebration was needed.

The story unfolds in the sixth episode when Haji Mushtaq’s family become aware that he has married Barbeena after Shamim (Nadia Afgan) spills the beans about their union.

The episode highlighted the fact that the younger generation is much more accepting when elders get married, as opposed to the older generation who feel that once a certain age has passed they should give up hope.

Although there are mixed reactions from the family members, many of them request a celebration to mark the marriage.

The episode unfolds and highlights an uncomfortable Haji Mushtaq, who feels the celebrations are unnecessary due to his age.

While the episode was met with much love for celebrating the couple, some viewers believed it was not fair that Shamim was made to witness the man she loves be celebrated with another woman.

Viewers felt for the heartbroken Shamim and felt that she was stuck in an impossible situation. If she had not attended the wedding she would have been labelled as a jealous lover.

However, seeing as she had made it to the ceremony, the audience felt she should not have been publicly ridiculed for having waited most of her life for Haji Mushtaq.

Audiences see Haji Mushtaq ask Barbeena if she was missing her first husband, to which she delayed giving a response.

Upon being asked again, Barbeena tells Haji Mushtaq that she has forgotten Baraan but it is his constant reminder that takes her back to her past.

The latest episode shows flashbacks to Barbeena’s first wedding to Baraan and highlights the many emotions she feels as she prepares for her second wedding party.

Kabli Pulao follows the story of widow Barbeena who marries Haji Mushtaq because he aided her brother in getting treatment for a leg injury.

Once he brings her to his family home she is introduced as a maid.

The story unfolds when other men show interest in Barbeena and proposals begin to come for her.

The story follows the union between the two protagonists and the care they have for each other in the little things they do.

The serial has been written beautifully and the lead roles have received much love and appreciation for their characters, with some saying there could not have been a better pairing to play the lead roles.

Sabeena Farooq is often seen posting images from the show and fans are always quick to praise her latest project.

One fan said:  “Wow. Thank you so much for giving us this bundle of art. The 6th episode is in its peak. Please keep Haji Sahab and Barbeena together.”

Another said: “This drama! Beautiful story and acting. Haji Sahab and Barbeena have my heart.

“All actors have done justice to their characters. Nadia Afgan is magic as always.”

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