Kabli Pulao praised for Traditional Take on Age-Gap Marriage

‘Kabli Pulao’ is being praised for its traditional take on a marriage between the two protagonists, where there is a large age gap.

Kabli Pulao praised for Traditional Take on Age-Gap Marriage f

"shows how beautifully girls take their married life"

The latest episode of Kabli Pulao has impressed viewers after it paid homage to traditions within an unconventional marriage.

Director Kashif Nisar has very tastefully reintroduced the idea of love within a marriage with a significant age gap, leaving audiences engaged and asking for more from this drama.

The notion of consent for intimacy was expertly directed in such a way that without being vulgar, the message was sent across to viewers that the marriage had finally been consummated.

Barbeena (Sabeena Farooq) and Haji Sahab (Ehteshamuddin) are shown in their new apartment, and Barbeena drapes a red embroidered scarf over her head, implying that she is a bride.

She tentatively sits on the edge of the bed and waits for Haji Sahab to notice that she is there, and as he turns to look at her, the scene changes to the morning.

Viewers were extremely pleased to see this and applauded the drama for showing such a momentous occasion with such subtlety and taste.

One viewer said: “Without any vulgarity, a pure Nikah relationship has been shown as a young girl’s respect and honour for her husband is portrayed.”

Another said: “The way Barbeena took the first step as a wife just shows how beautifully girls take their married life and consent. Oh my God!”

Many agreed with the sentiments and stated that the depiction of the events from the night before was beautifully portrayed and applauded the director and writer for the scene.

The episode continues by showing the closeness between the pair, and fans were pleasantly surprised to see Haji Sahab make breakfast for his wife.

Fans were pleased to see a more relaxed version of Haji Sahab.

This was appreciated further when he is seen signing for his wife when they are invited for dinner at their neighbour’s house.

He proceeds to show his growing affection for Barbeena as he gives her a ring. She accepts the ring and asks Haji Sahab to put the ring on her finger himself.

Although fans are enjoying the growing love story between the pair, a twist is set to take place when Barbeena’s first husband Baraan makes an appearance after it was presumed he had died.

Kabli Pulao has captivated audiences, showcasing Barbeena marrying Haji Sahab because he aided her brother in getting treatment for a leg injury.

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