IPL 2018 Cricket will be Streamed Live in Virtual Reality

Star India has announced plans to make the upcoming IPL 2018 an immersive experience for fans, by streaming it live via Virtual Reality on Hotstar!

IPL 2017 final and woman with VR headset

Viewers will be able to select from different camera angles, meaning they can pick the best one to watch the match.

With the upcoming IPL 2018 commencing on 4th April, its broadcaster Star India plans to make the tournament bolder and better than ever before. All through the use of Virtual Reality (VR)!

On 17th January, they announced their new plans to make the cricket competition an immersive experience for fans. Through their digital platform Hotstar, Star India hopes to stream IPL matches on VR live!

Viewers will be able to select from different camera angles, meaning they can pick the best one to watch the match. Allowing them to see up close how well their favourite cricket players perform.

They can pause the match too, at any given time. In addition, they can choose from a range of six languages available.

Cricket fans can also give their thoughts almost straightaway, without the use of social media. The ‘Super-fan feed’ offers viewers to share their reactions, using specially-created cricket emojis.

They will have the chance to vote for their favourite cricketers, available on a microsite for the ‘Election se Selection’ campaign. Altogether, Star India aims to make this year’s IPL a truly engaging, exciting tournament to watch.

For the VR experience, premium subscribers of Hotstar will only be able to access this. However, reports speculate that it’s available on mobile devices, rather than on desktops. Especially with the technology on mobile becoming more popular.

However, those with VR glasses can also watch the competition through this innovative method.

In a statement, Managing Director of Star India, Sanjay Gupta said:

“The Vivo IPL 2018 will be a 6-month-long fiesta with new-age technology putting fans at the heart of the experience.

“We are confident that the Vivo IPL 2018, as re-imagined by Star India, will empower viewers, advertisers, and the media and entertainment ecosystem of India with greater convenience and viewing pleasure, audience deliveries and all-round growth.”

The Managing Director also explained that VR provides another route for brands to interact with the audience. Meaning this will act as a useful business tool for the channel and Hotstar.

Rahul Johri, CEO of BCCI, also commented:

“Over the last decade, the BCCI has transformed the Indian Premier League from a radical new idea into India’s biggest sporting phenomenon and despite the scale of its success, the sky remains the limit for the Vivo IPL 2018.

“In Star India, we have a partner that not only believes in the immense potential of the IPL, but also believes in pushing the boundaries of sports broadcasting, which gives it the power and ability to take the IPL to even greater heights.”

The IPL will run from 4th April – 31st May 2018, for which the television channel will exclusively broadcast matches. With the combination of VR, Hotstar looks set to gain a competitive advantage over streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Star India aims to reach a total of 700 million viewers on TV and digital with the IPL 2018. With a new, exciting range of features, including Virtual Reality, we’re sure they will reach their target.

Sarah is an English and Creative Writing graduate who loves video games, books and looking after her mischievous cat Prince. Her motto follows House Lannister's "Hear Me Roar".

Images courtesy of BCCI and Reuters.

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