Indian Women ‘Pole Dance’ on Delhi Metro

In a viral video, two Indian women were seen ‘pole dancing’ in a Delhi Metro train carriage in front of passengers.

Indian Women 'Pole Dance' on Delhi Metro f

“Should charge extra as entertainment tax from the passengers."

Two Indian women posted a video of themselves ‘pole dancing’ in a Delhi Metro carriage, using the handrails for their performance.

It appears as though the young women were travelling for a night out as they were dressed up.

One woman is seen in a striped skirt while the other was dressed in an all-black ensemble, complete with heels and makeup.

Taking advantage of the handrails, both women strut around their respective handrails in sync, attempting to pole dance.

As one woman makes her way to the front, her dance partner drops down and seductively looks into the camera.

Throughout their train performance, they lip-sync to the track ‘Main Toh Beghar Hoon’, which is from the 1979 film Suhaag.

Despite other passengers sitting nearby, they did not pay any attention to the women, minding their own business as their journey continued.

The video was subsequently shared by other social media users, with many expressing their annoyance at the two young women.

One person wrote: “Delhi Metro needs serious checks, it seems like the new location for reel makers.”

Calling for action against the women, another said:

“DMRC should take action.”

A user asked: “DMRC, when are you going to take action against such people? They aren’t only disturbing other passengers but demeaning the metro service.”

One person wondered: “Why is nobody complaining? They are sitting like nothing is happening.”

Meanwhile, others found the situation funny.

One user said: “Should charge extra as entertainment tax from the passengers.”

Another said: “There’s no dearth of entertainment in Delhi Metro.”

A third wrote: “Which metro line can we enjoy a live performance?”

Trolling the young women, one person commented:

“Feeling sorry for the public, they had to see multiple retakes for this reel.”

The user who shared the video on Twitter wrote:

“After porn, kissing and fighting in the Delhi Metro, the latest is pole dancing.”

Referencing what pole dancing is typically associated with, another said:

“I would have thrown Rs. 10.”

Mocking the women, one comment read:

“The worst is that they look sober.”

Some defended the women’s dancing, stating that as long as they are not troubling others, there is no problem.

The Delhi Metro has become the origin of viral videos in recent months.

People dancing in busy carriages has become a growing trend. But other videos show couples indulging in PDA, drawing criticism.

In a more disturbing incident, one young man was caught masturbating, not caring that he was sitting near other passengers.

Dhiren is a journalism graduate with a passion for gaming, watching films and sports. He also enjoys cooking from time to time. His motto is to “Live life one day at a time.”

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