Indian Relatives steal Cash & Gold from Dead Woman

Several people from Mumbai allegedly stole cash and gold jewellery from their female relative who had passed away in July 2019.

Indian Relatives steal Cash & Gold from Dead Woman f

"When I demanded to see the will, nobody was forthcoming."

Five men from Mumbai have been arrested for allegedly stealing cash and gold jewellery from their dead relative.

The deceased had stated in her will that part of her estate, worth Rs. 10 Crore (£1.06 million) would be given to various charities.

The arrests were made after a brother of one suspect informed the police about a bank transfer from the account of 80-year-old Sushilaben Balubhai Shah, who died in July 2019.

Police identified the accused as the deceased’s brother Ramesh Shah, her cousin Dinesh Shah, her nephews Bhavesh Sanghavi and Prashant Shah, and Amit Shah, a resident from the deceased’s home village in Gujarat.

Sushilaben had willed her 800 sq ft flat to Bhavesh, a qualified accountant, and Rs. 11 Lakh (£11,700) to her sister.

The rest of her assets were to be given to various charities. Sushilaben had entrusted Dinesh and Prashant to execute the will.

However, the relatives did not tell anybody about the existence of the will. They then began taking cash and gold from her accounts and security lockers.

The incident came to light when Kalpesh Sanghavi found out that his aunt received Rs. 11 Lakh.

He explained: “When I demanded to see the will, nobody was forthcoming. That made me suspicious.

“I filed a police complaint when I learnt that some money and jewellery from the accounts and lockers belonging to Sushilaben had been withdrawn.”

Kalpesh went on to say that none of his relatives had probated the will.

“Without probating the will, the account to distribute Sushilaben’s wealth cannot be created.”

Police have currently recovered Rs. 1 Crore (£107,000) worth of jewellery and frozen Rs. 51 Lakh (£54,000) in Bhavesh’s account.

Officers also noticed Rs. 7 Lakh (£7,500) being transferred into Ramesh’s account as well as lockers belonging to Dinesh and Prashant.

Investigators had reviewed CCTV footage, which showed Dinesh taking the jewellery from Sushilaben’s lockers.

Rajiv Jain, Deputy Commissioner of Police, explained that a case of criminal breach of trust has been registered.

He said: “They did not follow the will and the executioners colluded with some other relatives to steal the cash and jewellery that the deceased had wished to donate to charities.”

Following their arrests, Ganesh Vaidya was appointed to legally represent the suspects.

He said that while some of Sushilaben’s assets have been given to charity, his clients were in the process of carrying out more donations as part of the will.

Mr Vaidya told Mumbai Mirror: “We have the receipts of all the donations that have been made. Also, Section 409 of the IPC (criminal breach of trust by a public servant) does not apply in this case.”

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