Indian Man kills Wife for Chatting to Men on Facebook

An Indian man from Tamil Nadu murdered his wife because she allegedly used to spend hours chatting to different men on Facebook.

Indian Man kills Wife for Chatting to Men on Facebook f

"Muthumari was active on Facebook and was always engaged in chatting"

Indian man Gomathinayagam, aged 36, of Tamil Nadu, was arrested on Tuesday, June 25, 2019, for murdering his wife.

The suspect, who lives in Tirunelveli and worked in construction, killed his spouse because she allegedly spent hours chatting to her male friends on Facebook.

He became enraged with her when she continued to chat online after he gave her repeated warnings over her constant use of the social media site.

Gomathinayagam lived with his wife and three children. He confessed to murdering 33-year-old Muthumari following repeated questioning by the police.

A police officer from Sankarankoil said the suspect had lodged a complaint on Thursday, June 20, 2019, stating that his wife was found dead at their house.

He said that he found her with deep cuts over her body.

Gomathinayagam was taken to the police station for questioning. He made up a story in an attempt to mislead the investigation.

The Indian man said that because his wife was always talking to men online, any one of them could be responsible.

A police officer said: “During questioning, he said Muthumari was active on Facebook and was always engaged in chatting with male friends, and any one of the friends could have committed the murder for gain.”

After questioning Gomathinayagam, officers searched the house and soon became suspicious.

They suspected something was wrong in Gomathinayagam’s version of events because neither cash nor jewellery had been stolen from the house.

On Monday, June 24, 2019, a forensic team was sent to the house to conduct a thorough inspection. A sniffer dog was also present and detectives found Gomathinayagam’s fingerprints at the crime scene. An officer stated:

“The dog ran for about 100 metres but came back to the house.

“The fingerprints collected at the place of the crime also matched with those of Gomathinayagam.”

The suspect was arrested on suspicion of murder and after being interrogated, he confessed to killing his wife.

He explained that his wife would spend hours on Facebook chatting to her male friends.

Gomathinayagam had warned her numerous times to cut down on her habit but she would ignore him and continue being online.

Her refusal to stop enraged him and led him to stab her multiple times.

Gomathinayagam was booked under the section of murder of the Indian Penal Code.

He was produced before a court where he was remanded in custody for fifteen days until he is sentenced.

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