Indian Man celebrating Birthday with Girl Beaten by Her Family

A man from Punjab was beaten severely by the family of a girl after she accompanied him to celebrate his birthday. They accused him of kidnapping her.

Indian Man celebrating Birthday with Girl Beaten by Her Family f

"family members of the girl reached there and assaulted Aman"

Sangrur police in Punjab have registered a case against the family of a girl who severely beat up Aman Arora, aged 18, from the Prem Nagar area, after he had taken her with him to a party to celebrate his birthday.

Aman’s family claim that the girl’s family members broke Aman’s leg, his hand and nose, and left him with huge bruises all over his body. They then dumped him outside the police station after thrashing him.

Aman is undergoing medical treatment at a private hospital in Ludhiana and is in a critical condition.

The dramatic incident took place on the evening of Monday, September 9, 2019, the day of Aman’s birthday.

The 17-year-old girl, who is studying with Aman, is said to have pestered him for a birthday celebration. Eventually, he agreed and he took the girl in his car towards Chandigarh for a party, along with another friend named Rohit Garg.

However, the girl’s family accuse Aman of kidnapping her, after she did not return home on the pretext of visiting a girlfriend. They say he abducted her and took her to Mohali (near Chandigarh) to ‘marry her’.

When the Family members found out about her going with Aman and Rohit, they immediately pursued them to get her back.

Her father, Gulshan Verma alias Rinku, Monica Verma (mother), Anshu Verma, Ravi Jindal and Sonu, all went to the venue where they spotted her with Aman and Garg.

The family members then surrounded them all and grabbed Aman to severely beat him.

After thrashing Aman at the location, they then brought him back with them to Sangrur where they continued the physical assault on him. Subsequently, they left him outside the Sangrur City police station in a critically beaten state.

Aman’s family arrived at the police station and immediately got him admitted to the hospital.

Aman’s uncle, Rajesh Kumar, said:

“My nephew and the girl were classmates. She had demanded a birthday party from the boy and they were at the venue when family members of the girl reached there and assaulted Aman.”

Kumar said that the family had brutally assaulted Aman with an ice-pick and carried on the savage attack back at their house in Sangrur.

Aman’s family maintain that the girl went on her free will and she was in no way kidnapped by Aman and Rohit.

Due to the claims from both families, police registered two cases on Tuesday, September 10, 2019.

One FIR against the girl’s family under Sections 323, 341, 342, 307, 34 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC). The second against Aman Arora under Sections 363 (kidnapping) and 366 (abducting or inducing a woman to compel her for marriage) of the IPC.

Satpal Sharma, DSP, said:

“Police have booked the accused for attempt to murder. The boy was also booked on a complaint from the girl’s family.”

“No arrest has been made.”

Since the incident, activity on social media has erupted in favour of Aman with many arguing, he is not at fault and if he could talk and tell his side he would be he cannot due to the severity of his injuries.

Friends of Aman have gathered and even protested outside the police station demanding justice for him.

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