Indian Man bludgeons Ex-Girlfriend with Spanner over Breakup

In a horrific incident, an Indian man bludgeoned his ex-girlfriend to death with a spanner because he was upset over their breakup.

Indian Man bludgeons Ex-Girlfriend with Spanner over Breakup f

"Why did you do this to me?"

An Indian man has been arrested for bludgeoning his ex-girlfriend with a spanner in Maharashtra’s Palghar district.

The horrific broad daylight incident happened as the woman was on her way to work.

Chilling CCTV footage showed Aarti Yadav walking along a busy street.

Rohit Yadav is then seen quickly approaching the unsuspecting woman and hitting her on the back of the head with a large spanner.

She falls to the floor and he continues to bludgeon her until her body goes limp.

As he continues to hit her, Rohit is heard saying:

“Why did you do this to me?”

One man is seen trying to stop Rohit, who shrugs him off.

The spanner-wielding man then threatens to hit the bystander, scaring him off.

Shockingly, many people just stood and watched while others continued on their way as if nothing happened.

Further footage showed Rohit standing over Aarti’s dead body and holding the bloodied spanner while a crowd stood around.

Police were later alerted and rushed to the spot.

Rohit Yadav was arrested on murder charges after he was found sitting next to the victim’s body.

According to the police, Aarti suffered 16 separate injuries. Her body was sent for a post-mortem.

Originally from Haryana, Rohit lives in Nalasopara and works as a labourer. But for two months, he has been unemployed.

Police said the Indian man and Aarti had been in a relationship for six years.

But a few days before the violent murder, she broke up with him.

It was reported that Rohit killed his ex-girlfriend in a fit of rage because he suspected the breakup was due to Aarti having an affair with another man.

A police official said: “This morning at around 9:45 am when the woman was going to work, her ex-boyfriend murdered her by hitting her with an industrial spanner.

“Prima facie, the matter looks like a love affair.”

“We have arrested the accused and a case under Section 302 (pertaining to murder) has been registered. The post-mortem of the woman is underway and further details will come out.”

According to the victim’s family, Rohit had assaulted and threatened her around 10 days before the murder.

The incident has drawn widespread condemnation, with many questioning why bystanders did not attempt to stop the attack.

Police are now investigating the role of the crowd and why no one intervened during the violent assault.

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