Indian Family fined Rs 6 Lakh for Wedding infecting 16

An Indian family from Rajasthan have been fined more than Rs. 6 Lakh (£6,400) for holding a wedding which resulted in 16 people contracting Covid-19.

Indian Family fined Rs 6 Lakh for Wedding infecting 16 f

none of the safety measures were followed by the family

An Indian family from Bhilwara, Rajasthan, have been told that they must pay Rs. 6.26 Lakh (£6,700) after they broke social distancing guidelines when they hosted a wedding.

The family had invited 250 people and more than 50 of them attended the ceremony.

No safety precautions were taken. Face masks, sanitiser and social distancing were ignored.

The family were fined after it emerged that 16 people, including the groom, contracted Coronavirus and one person died.

Fifty-eight people were taken to Bhilwara medical department where 16 tested positive.

As a result, an FIR was filed against the family on June 22, 2020, for violating the rules and causing a threat to the lives of others even though they were fully aware of the guidelines.

It was reported that the case is the first of its kind. The District Collector of Bhilwara issued the fine to the Indian family on June 27, 2020, telling them to pay it within the next three days.

The amount is the expense incurred for testing, treatment, quarantine, isolation wards, food, accommodation and transportation of the patients.

Ghasulal Rathi had informed the city administration about the wedding, however, he told them that there would be no more than 50 people at the wedding of his son, Rijul, which was set to take place on June 13.

He had also promised to follow the safety guidelines like providing face masks and hand sanitiser as well as following social distancing.

However, none of the safety measures were followed by the family and the guests, resulting in a number of positive Coronavirus cases.

The first positive case came to light on June 19 and currently, 16 people have tested positive.

While 16 people at the wedding have the virus, it is possible that more people will test positive.

The administration subsequently filed an FIR against Mr Rathi under the Rajasthan Epidemic Diseases Act 1957 and National Disaster Management Act 2005 for violating the pandemic control guidelines despite being aware of them.

Mr Rathi must pay Rs. 6.26 Lakh by June 30.

He was told that the fine would be used to pay for the treatment of the 16 infected people and the 42 others who still remain in hospital being tested.

Even though he received a financial penalty, Mr Rathi may face further action after paying it as he has an FIR registered against him, meaning that the police may take action against him.

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