How an Indian Man was able to Retire at 33

Ish left his high-paying job in London and returned to India to retire at the age of 33. See how he was able to do it.

How an NRI Man was able to Retire at 33 f

"Moving to India would allow me to leave the rat race"

A story going viral is about a man who left his high-paying job in London and ultimately decided to retire at the age of 33.

Ish, who graduated from IIT Delhi, explained how he came to the decision.

According to his Reddit post, he graduated from IIT Delhi in 2012.

Ish then worked as a quantitative analyst at an investment bank in Bangalore for four years.

He then moved to London and worked at another bank for five years before working in the tech industry, also in London.

He listed his total compensation for some of the years, which was estimated at around £840,000.

Midway through 2023, Ish decided to return to India.

Although he knew he could land a high-paying job, Ish was aware of how low the burn rate in India would be, so he “felt it was the best time to do something bigger with life and hang my employee hat”.

After returning to India, Ish calculated an estimate for annual expenses in order to live a comfortable life.

Ish explained: “I decided I will live with my parents for some time, as I hadn’t lived with them for the last 15 years, and don’t know when I will get an opportunity like this again.”

He went on to say that his main expenses are cabs, restaurants and gym membership.

Ish added that his parents do not need to rely on him for money, further lowering his burn rate.

Ish planned to return to India so he could be there for his parents and start a family.

On if he remained in London, Ish said:

“If I stayed in the West I would get stuck being the hamster in the wheel due to the cost of living.

“Moving to India would allow me to leave the rat race and give back by helping people.”

He also wants to help underprivileged children.

Ish initially believed he would return to India in his 40s but he decided to move sooner, one of the reasons being a sudden deterioration in his workplace’s culture, causing him not to see eye to eye with his employer.

He also found it difficult to find a partner who would be open to living in India.

Since deciding to retire, Ish’s main priority has been his health and relationships.

On the health front, he has incorporated yoga into his routine, which includes weight training.

Ish has reconnected with his friends in India and is meeting new people through salsa classes, gym and dating apps.

He admitted that he did not do enough investing during his 20s as his main priority was to make as much money as possible, save as much of it as possible and not lose it.

When he left banking for tech, he became more active with investing and trading.

Ish explained:

“I started with single stocks and selling covered call options.”

“I felt I had missed out on the massive bull run and needed to start educating myself more in trading and investing.

“Today I have a lot more control over my net worth (have a dashboard through which I can see the overall state of my net worth at any point).

“Through a combination of passive income (rent + dividends + interest + coupons), active income (trading in equities, government bonds, and options and futures on equities and commodities) and passive growth (capital gains in equities and bonds), I’m able to generate an income much higher than my expected burn rate (with a family).

Although he has retired, Ish has a bunch of goals that he wants to achieve in the next 30 years.

Ish’s goals include:

  • [0-5] Find a partner and start a family
  • [0-10] Regularly publish content that I feel our education system is failing to teach us
  • [10-15] Write a book summarising that content
  • [15-30] Adopt 1,000 kids

He added: “I’m opening myself to new ideas and experiences. I will let genuine interest and the feeling of meaning and purpose guide me.”

Reddit users praised Ish for being able to retire at such a young age, given that the average retirement age in India is 60 and 65 in the UK.

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