Father & Son poisoned in Bangladeshi Flat

A father and son from Cardiff have died after they were poisoned. Their bodies were found inside a rented flat in Bangladesh.

Father & Son poisoned in Bangladeshi Flat f

"But, at first glance, it looks like murder using poison."

A police investigation is underway after a father and son from Cardiff were poisoned.

It was reported that Rafiqul Islam and his son Mahiqul died while his wife Hosne and other two children, Samira and Sadikul, are still in hospital.

The family had been staying in a flat near Sylhet, Bangladesh.

They had been on a two-month trip to the country.

Police say that after dinner on July 25, 2022, the entire family fell asleep in the same room. Between 10 am and 10:30 am the next day, their relatives tried to open the door.

They became concerned when they heard no sounds and called the police.

Police found the door locked from the inside, broke it open and found all five family members unconscious.

Police said the family were poisoned and while they were baffled at how this could happen, investigators found “light blue and brown liquids” in the noses of the father and son during an autopsy.

DSP Uddin said: “After discussing the overall situation with the doctors and inspecting the scene we believe this may have been a case of poisoning.

“The investigation is ongoing into whether it is poisoning or something else.”

Hosne also had injuries on her forehead, and only she and daughter Samira had eaten that night, further puzzling officers.

The flat also had no air conditioning.

Sylhet district superintendent of police Farid Uddin said:

“How were they poisoned? How did they die? We will be able to confirm after an investigation.

“But, at first glance, it looks like murder using poison.”

Rafiqul’s brother-in-law Abdul Mumin Khan said:

“I didn’t know what to do or what to say.

“Everyone is very sad. Everybody is crying. My wife, all the time, is crying. I am crying as well.

“I can’t believe this has happened. This person is very friendly, a very nice guy. His son is very sweet and friendly.

“Everyone likes him and he likes everyone. His son is a very, very nice boy.”

The family had rented the flat in the same building as his in-laws on July 18 to help treat one of their sons who was sick.

Police said the family came to Bangladesh on July 12 and they moved into the flat on July 18.

DSP Uddin confirmed that close relatives lived in the same building.

Rafiqul’s father-in-law Anfor Ali, mother-in-law Badrunnesa, brother-in-law Delwar Hossain and Delwar’s wife Shova Begum were taken in for questioning.

DSP Uddin added: “The other people in the building are close relatives of the victims.

“We questioned them. At the moment we believe they fell asleep after dinner last night. This must be investigated further.”

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