Was Satish Kaushik Poisoned by Friend over £1.5m Dispute?

Satish Kaushik’s death has been rocked by claims that he was murdered by a friend over a £1.5 million loan dispute.

Was Satish Kaushik Poisoned by Friend ove £1.5m Dispute f


“My husband was not in the mood to return the money"

Satish Kaushik’s death shocked India, however, there are claims that foul play was involved.

This comes as a woman accused her businessman husband of murdering the Bollywood star, who was said to have died of a heart attack.

According to a police report, Saanvi Malu claimed that her husband Vikas Malu was responsible for Satish’s death.

She said her husband and Satish were friends.

Vikas had allegedly taken a loan from the actor worth Rs. 15 Crore (£1.5 million).

But after the pair got into a fight in August 2022, Satish Kaushik demanded the money back.

Saanvi alleged that her husband planned to kill Satish to avoid having to repay the loan.

She said: “My husband said that he borrowed the money from Satish ji, but the money went for a loss during the Covid period.

“My husband was not in the mood to return the money; he even said that he would use blue pills and Russian girls to do away with Satish Kaushik.

“That’s why I have brought this angle to the police for a fair investigation.”

Satish had been at Vikas’ farmhouse in Delhi when he complained of chest pains and was rushed to hospital.

She claimed that Satish may have been poisoned.

Delhi Police searched the farmhouse and discovered packets of “objectionable medicine”.

Police are now investigating to determine who the medicines were meant for.

Officers also discovered that there was an old rape case against Vikas Malu. They are trying to find out when and where this case was registered.

Unseen footage from Holi celebrations was shared by Vikas Malu and it featured Satish Kaushik.

He penned a note along with the video and wrote:

“Satish Ji has been my family for the past 30 years and it did not take minutes for the world to use my name in the wrong light.

“I can’t fathom the tragedy that happened after our beautiful celebration together.

“I’d like to break the silence and say that a tragedy is always unforeseen and no one has any power over it.”

Meanwhile, Satish’s manager Santosh Rai recalled the actor contacting him at midnight.

Satish had told him that he was having trouble breathing.

Santosh drove the actor to hospital when his chest issues worsened.

He also disclosed Satish’s heartbreaking final comments.

He said: “I need to stay alive for Vanishika (his daughter). I feel like I won’t survive this. Please take care of Shashi (his wife) and Vanshika.”

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