Kapil Sharma reveals he had Suicidal Thoughts in 2017

Kapil Sharma recently opened up about having suicidal thoughts and how he felt during the lowest phase of his life.

Kapil Sharma reveals he had Suicidal Thoughts in 2017 - f

"Nobody would have noticed."

Kapil Sharma recently talked about the phase in his life when he thought about dying by suicide in 2017.

He said this happened after his film Kis Kisko Pyaar Karoon did not do well at the box office, followed by his tiff with comedian Sunil Grover.

Recalling the past, he called it a learning experience from which he said he’s recovered.

During the promotional event for his upcoming film Zwigato, Kapil Sharma said:

“As a public figure, crores of people know you, you entertain them, but when you come home, you are alone.

“You are also not in a situation to live a normal life where you can go out, sit on the beach and look at the sea.

“You live in a two-room flat, and when it’s dark outside by evening, I cannot explain how bad the feeling is in that situation.”

He added: “In that phase, I thought about committing suicide.

“I thought there is nobody with whom I can share what I feel.

“The place where I come from, mental health is not something that is discussed.

“I don’t think this was the first time that I went through this phase.

“Maybe, during childhood, I must have felt low, but nobody would have noticed.

“Once you go out to earn money, and you are single, there’s nobody to take care of you, to make you understand things, you do not get to know if people around you have ulterior motives, especially if you are an artist.

“But after you go through such a phase, you start to take notice of things going around you.

“Your eyes open up. If an artist is sensitive, it doesn’t mean that he is stupid.”

Kapil Sharma also said he eventually came out of the phase and asserted how ‘nothing is permanent, neither happiness nor sadness.’

The comedian and actor called it a ‘good phase’ as it made him appreciate little things in life.

Meanwhile, recently, actor and director Nandita Das shared how Kapil Sharma learned the Jharkhand accent for playing the role of a delivery boy in her directorial project, Zwigato.

She said: “In the film, Kapil will be seen in a new avatar who will be speaking in a Jharkhand accent rather than his usual Punjabi accent.

“I was initially concerned about his Jharkhand accent.”

“I even gave him the option of changing his accent to Punjabi if he couldn’t deliver dialogues properly in the accent I chose.”

The film will release on March 17, 2023.

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