Fake Children’s Charity Collector jailed for Fraud

Tarlochan Singh Warah has been jailed for pretending to be a children’s charity collector and committing fraud collecting donations.

Fake Children's Charity Collector jailed for Fraud f

"On Operation Wolverine, we are always conducting proactive patrols"

The sentencing of Tarlochan Singh Warah took place at Uxbridge Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday, August 7, 2019, where he was jailed for 26 weeks convicted of fraudulently collecting monies for a children’s charity.

Warah from Hounslow went from door-to-door to collect unauthorised donations on behalf of the children’s charity.

As part of a police investigation named Operation Wolverine, Warah was tracked down by police officers on Saturday, June 22, 2019.

In his possession, were found a children’s charity collection box and paperwork as evidence that he had collected money from a number of addresses in the area of St Stephens Road in Hounslow.

Warch told police that he found a bag with these items in it and it was not his.

However, officers used CCTV and retraced his steps. They identified a number of Warah’s customers who were members of the public gave their money to him with good intentions for the charity.

This proved he had lied and subsequently, he was arrested under suspicion of being in possession of articles used in fraud.

The children’s charity concerned was contacted by officers and it was confirmed by them that Warah was in no way authorised to collect any money on their behalf.

In addition, they stated that the charity does not collect money door-to-door in this way.

Based on the evidence and confirmation from the charity Warah was charged with two counts of fraud. He was then remanded at Uxbridge Magistrates’ Court.

Warah pleaded guilty to the offence after which he was sentenced to jail.

Operation Wolverine’s Inspector Dan Thompson said:

“On Operation Wolverine, we are always conducting proactive patrols, both in plain clothes and in uniform, unfortunately for Warah, he drew our attention and we were not thrown off the scent by his lies, we always conduct a thorough investigation which has led to a guilty plea and prison sentence.

“I hope that this will serve as a warning to those who think it’s acceptable to abuse the public’s generosity when it comes to charitable donations.”

A spokesperson for Ealing MPS told MyLondon:

“Charity donation fraud plays on your sympathy, asking you to make a donation towards a group of people or a particular cause.

“Legitimate charity collectors carry documents from the charity which confirm that they are collecting legitimately and detailing any restrictions.

“Ask to see this documentation and check the details.

“If in doubt contact the charity directly using a telephone number from a legitimate source, such as a telephone directory or the charity’s website.

“If you are concerned, report the activity to police.”

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