Dur-e-Nayab speaks about Harassment in Showbiz

22 Qadam actress Dur-e-Nayab discussed the troubles actors face in showbiz, including bullying and harassment.

Dur-e-Nayab speaks about Harassment in Showbiz f

"I’ve learnt that you should keep your distance."

Dur-e-Nayab has spoken about her entry into the showbiz industry and discussed the troubles actors face in their line of work.

The 22 Qadam actress highlighted bullying, harassment and exploitation in the industry.

She said: “They try to exploit you, 100% they do.

“They also bully you, and there is also harassment but it’s not about that.

“The thing is they try to justify it as a joke, something normal but I take it seriously.

“I start talking and people think that I’m a very nice person.

“So what I generally do on set is I greet people or I talk to people but I’m a little formal. I’ve learnt that you should keep your distance.

“To be honest not everyone is nice to you in the industry when you are new.

“I used to get so awkward in the beginning because I thought I was new so why would anyone have a problem or be jealous of me.

“But you would be surprised. There are supportive people but if you don’t know anything they don’t help or guide you.

“They exploit you because you are naive.”

She went on to say that it was difficult to be a girl in today’s society and they constantly had to keep their guard up.

Dur-e-Nayab revealed that she had a lot of male friends in the industry and she discovered that they had faced harassment in showbiz and that they should be looked after as well as women.

Dur-e-Nayab has proved to be a popular character in 22 Qadam and revealed that she will be seen playing a small part in the Hum TV drama Neem.

22 Qadam is Dur-e-Nayab’s first acting project and she admitted that it was a difficult project for her.

She stated: “It was physically emotionally and spiritually very tough. I used to go to Alina [co-star] and I would cry my heart out.

“If I had a problem or didn’t understand anything, Alina was there for me, she would guide me.”

Whilst delving into her personal life, Dur-e-Nayab revealed she was a criminal lawyer by profession and that she had stepped into acting incidentally.

She is from Multan but her mother uprooted her family to Rawaltoder to give her children a better education to raise confident daughters.

22 Qadam is a serial about a girl’s dream to make the national cricket team. It was written by Zeeshan Ilyas and directed by Anjum Shahzad.

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