Deepika wows at Oscars introducing RRR’s ‘Naatu Naatu’

Deepika Padukone received praise from fans as she introduced the live performance of RRR’s ‘Naatu Naatu’ at the Oscars.

Deepika wows at Oscars introducing RRR's 'Naatu Naatu' f

"Because if you don't you're about to."

The Oscars received a lot of Indian representation but it was Deepika Padukone who made a statement with her presentation.

Deepika made her debut at the Oscars, wearing a black Louis Vuitton gown.

She was announced as a presenter as she took to the stage to announce the live performance of RRR‘s ‘Naatu Naatu’.

Deepika even briefed the audience about the song amid the loud cheers.

The song went on to win ‘Best Original Song’.

Introducing the song, Deepika said:

“An irresistibly catchy chorus, electrifying beats and killer dance moves to match have made this song a global sensation.

“It plays during a pivotal scene in RRR, a movie about the friendship between real-life Indian revolutionaries Alluri Sitarama Raju and Komaram Bheem.

“In addition to being sung in Telugu and illustrating the film’s anti-colonialist themes, it’s also a total banger!”

Deepika had to pause her speech a few times due to the overwhelming cheers from the audience.

She continued: “It’s earned millions of views on YouTube and TikTok. Has audiences dancing in movie theatres all around the world and is also the first song ever from Indian production to be nominated for an Oscar.

“Do you know Naatu Naatu? Because if you don’t you’re about to. From the film RRR this is Naatu Naatu.”

It was an energetic performance and it received a standing ovation.

Meanwhile, Deepika’s speech went viral and many fans were happy to see her at the Oscars, with many calling it a “proud moment”.

One said: ”Just see the grace, the poise, the elegance and the confidence to be at the world stage and do India proud…”

Another wrote: “It was truly a sight watching Deepika Padukone introducing Naatu Naatu to the world with Indian beats and sound of Dhols being played on the stage of the Oscars, getting a standing ovation from the audience.”

Praising her confidence, one user wrote:

“Deepika Padukone killed it though. Not awkward, supremely confident, smooth like a silk appearance.”

One user pointed out that Deepika made efforts to acknowledge the audience.

“Deepika Padukone’s presentation was lovely. Loved that she took pauses to gleefully acknowledge the cheers and hoots. Felt so real and less choreographed.”

Meanwhile, another said that Deepika contributed to putting India on the international stage, writing:

“Today was the day of reinforcing India on the map, cinematically.

“Naatu Naatu being performed onstage, Deepika Padukone presenting, and the Oscar going to The Elephant Whisperers.”

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