Deepak Tijori Discovers his Wife still Married to First Husband

Deepak Tijori faces a difficult situation as his wife isn’t legally married to him. But yet, she has filed for divorce from the actor!

Deepak Tijori Discovers his Wife still Married to First Husband

"Shivani filed for divorce and maintenance, which Deepak can ill-afford."

Bollywood actor Deepak Tijori has learned that he did not legally marry his wife, Shivani Tomar. It appears she still remained married to her first husband!

The actor made the startling discovery after an argument with his wife, where she kicked him out of their house.

This led him to consult a lawyer. Deepak Tijori’s lawyer revealed the surprising news that Shivani had never filed divorce papers against her first husband. reports revealed: “After consulting a counsellor, Deepak happened to check if Shivani had divorced her first husband. Imagine his horror when he discovered that she had not!”

This revelation consequently means that their previously strong 20-year marriage remains legally invalid. However, the tale takes an even more shocking twist.

Despite all the commotion and uncertainty about their marriage’s validity, Deepak Tijori’s wife still filed for divorce from him! Not only that, she also filed to receive maintenance (alimony). The report added: “Shivani filed for divorce and maintenance, which Deepak can ill-afford.”

With all these questions over the validity of the couple’s marriage, this surely leads one to wonder why Shivani asked for maintenance at all. Usually, maintenance would be given if there was an under-age child who needed looking after.

However, the couple has a daughter aged 20. A friend of Deepak Tijori told

“Shivani’s marriage to Deepak is null and void if she hadn’t divorced her first husband. So why should Deepak maintain her cost of living? Samara is not a minor, she is 20 years old. So she doesn’t qualify for maintenance.

“As far as her relationship with her father goes, it’s nice but tilted in favour of Shivani; Samara is closer to Shivani than to Deepak.”

With all of this in mind, one cannot help but feel sorry for Deepak Tijori. Stuck between a rock and hard place, it would seem he is in a no win situation.

It remains to be seen how the actor will handle the situation.

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Image courtesy of Indian Express

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