Dania Shah bashed for showing face in Public again

After laying low for so long, Dania Shah has appeared once again, with a video showing her enjoying a meal in Lahore.

Dania Shah bashed for showing face in Public again f

“Why is she not in jail?”

Dania Shah, the wife of the late Dr Aamir Liaquat, has found herself at the centre of public criticism, once again.

Speculations intensified after a video featuring Dania went viral, raising questions about her arrest back in November 2022.

They condemned her for her alleged involvement in the leaking of Aamir Liaquat’s private images. Netizens claim that she caused a subsequent impact on his mental health, leading up to his death.

She has made the news once again with the circulation of a video that captured Dania Shah dining at a restaurant.

It was a restaurant located at Barkat Market, Lahore. There was also another video in which Dania told her audience that she had come from Lodhran.

Observers have expressed concern over Dania’s demeanour in the video. They are questioning her apparent lack of sorrow for someone who has lost a spouse.

 One person commented: “How dare she show her face to the world again?”

Another remarked: “She has a lot of guts to come back on social media for a person who killed her husband.”

 One said: “Look at how happy she is after destroying Aamir Liaquat’s image and life.”

 Another asked: “Why is she not in jail?”

It is important to note that Aamir Liaquat’s family refused a post-mortem and requested privacy to mourn.

Many netizens speculated among themselves about all the ‘hush-hush’ around his death by loved ones. They think Aamir Liaquat had taken his life after facing trolling.

He was at the centre of criticism after Dania leaked his inappropriate videos.

After his death, Dania Shah was arrested for defaming her husband.

In February 2023, she was released from prison and has maintained a low profile since then.

Some individuals believe that the allegations against Dania are currently unverified.


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They are saying that the accuracy of the claims surrounding the leaked personal data is yet to be established.

This was because the videos allegedly showcased Aamir Liaquat under the influence of drugs.

In an interview, Dania claimed that her husband was high on cocaine. Shortly after Aamir’s death, she very quickly withdrew all the blame, saying they had reconciled prior to his death.

One person commented on this: “She just wants a share of his money and assets.”

It remains to be seen whether Dania Shah will address the allegations.

Until then, public opinion remains divided, and the focus remains on the need for credible information to substantiate the accusations.

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