Dania Shah says She’s been in Love with Liaquat since Childhood

Syeda Dania Shah unexpectedly married Aamir Liaquat but she says she has been in love with him since childhood.

Dania Shah says She's been in Love with Liaquat since Childhood f

"So yes, I've loved him since I was young."

Syeda Dania Shah claimed she has been in love with Aamir Liaquat since childhood.

Their marriage has been in the headlines for a number of reasons.

Firstly, the announcement of their marriage came just a day after Aamir’s second wife, Tuba Anwar, announced she had filed for divorce.

Another talking point is their age gap. While Aamir is 49-years-old, Dania is 18.

Now, the newlyweds appeared together on a podcast hosted by Nadir Ali where they shed light on their relationship.

On the podcast, Dania revealed that she has been in love with Aamir since childhood.

She explained: “I fell in love with him [Liaquat] in my childhood.

“When I was younger, my parents would put one of his shows on TV whenever I would cry. So yes, I’ve loved him since I was young.”

Dania went on to say it did not hit her that she had married Aamir until very recently.

“It’s only now that it hit me that Aamir Liaquat is really mine.”

She added that she believes people are jealous of her marriage.

Also on the podcast, Nadir asked Aamir if his marriage with Dania will be his last.

He stated that while he hopes so, he did not understand why people are against multiple marriages.

Aamir elaborated: “We were very influenced by Hindu culture and that’s why we live in the fear of the first wife.

“There could be a lot of troubles but they are scared of the first wife and think they will rip apart their family. How would your family be torn apart?

“Your family is thriving! Your family will only be torn apart if you tear it apart. A man can tear it apart.”

Nadir then interrupted: “No, a man doesn’t tear about a family, a woman is a woman’s enemy.”

Aamir replied: “That’s true. The man can tear it apart with divorce.

“But when he is not giving a divorce and she [the first wife] is not taking a khula, then the family is not being torn apart.”

The television personality also claimed that he has not divorced his two previous wives, Bushra and Tuba, adding that both had gotten divorced themselves.

Aamir stated that he hoped it would be his last marriage, but Dania previously said that her new husband can marry again if he wants to.

On a Pakistani television morning show, Dania said:

“Yes. I have given him the right to marry again if he should wish to do so.

“Because this is my view on this. That I cannot stop him.

“It is his choice should he want to or not.

“However, If I give him love, he will want to stay with me. If I don’t, he will then marry someone else.”

On his marriage to Dania Shah, Aamir clarified:

“She respects her husband a lot and it’s not because she’s 18 years old.

“It’s because she has a lot of love for her husband and that love is still growing. She’s still young, so with time, that love will grow.”

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