New Wife Dania Shah says husband Liaqat can Marry Again

In a surprising revelation on television, newlywed wife of Dr Aamir Liaquat Hussain, Syeda Dania Shah says he can marry again, if he wants.

New Wife Dania Shah says husband Liaqat can Marry Again

"It is his choice should he want to or not."

Newlyweds Dr Aamir Liaquat Hussain and Syeda Dania Shah have hit the headlines again but now about an open-minded revelation made on a television interview.

After marrying, Liaqat, Dania, an 18-year-old girl from South Punjab in Pakistan, says she will not stop him from marrying a fourth time.

This left even the television presenter stunned by the responses made by the couple.

The marriage has been the height of discussion amongst fans and alike, be it on Twitter, Instagram or other social media platforms.

Liaqat married Dania, just a day after his ex-wife Syeda Tuba Anwar announced a divorce with him.

The couple appeared on a Pakistani television morning show where the relationship of the pair came under scrutiny.

Liaqat revealed that Dania was so happy to have had him in her life as her husband that she was acceptable to even him having another marriage.

To which Dania responds in the interview.

“Yes. I have given him the right to marry again if he should wish to do so.

“Because this is my view on this. That I cannot stop him.

“It is his choice should he want to or not.

“However, If I give him love, he will want to stay with me. If I don’t, he will then marry someone else.” 

When Liaqat was asked his view on it. His response was that this is how it is and perhaps should be. To which the presenters were once again taken back and were surprised.

Reaction from Dania’s family to the marriage has also come into the public eye.

First, there has been some contention about Dania’s name. Some say she is not “Syeda” as claimed by Liaqat.

She is the Malik Mukhtiyar Danwar and her mother divorced him and married Pir Shahzad. Therefore, this could a possible reason why Dania uses “Syeda” or “Shah” with the rest of her name.

Her father wished the couple a prosperous and happy life together. He rejected the claim to the name of  “Syeda”. However, he said that as she is a married woman now, she can call herself whatever she wants to.

Dania’s mother wished all the very best for her daughter and son-in-law in a television interview.

Her grandfather was also very happy about the marriage and revealed that Liaqat came to see him to get his nikah solemnised with Dania.

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