Councillor & Twin Brother get Married in Joint Ceremony

A Bradford councillor and his twin brother both got married in a joint ceremony, which saw more than 3,500 guests.

Councillor & Twin Brother get Married in Joint Ceremony f

"it’s what my dad always wanted.”

More than 3,500 people attended the joint wedding ceremony of a Bradford councillor and his twin brother.

Keighley Central Labour Councillor Mohsin Hussain and his twin Hassan Hussain decided to get married on the same day because they have “always done everything together”.

It was also the wish of their late father, former Lord Mayor Abid Hussain.

The wedding took place on February 20, 2022, at Valley Parade.

Over 3,500 people attended the joint wedding and this included high-profile figures such as Susan Hinchcliffe and the councillor general of Pakistan.

Councillor Hussain explained: “Me and my twin brother were born and bred in Keighley.

“All our lives we’ve done everything together, we went to school together, we are identical twins, we did our exams together, went to university to do Criminology together and did our Masters degrees and we both more or less got the same grade.

“Now we run an immigration law firm called Twins & Co together.

“My dad always kept us together, playing sports together, playing cricket, all of our hobbies and we have the same friends, and because we did everything together my mum insisted we had a joint wedding because it’s what my dad always wanted.”

Speaking about the wedding, Councillor Hussain continued:

“It was absolutely fantastic. Over 3,000 people attended. It went really well. I really enjoyed it.

“Susan Hinchcliffe attended, Bradford Councillors attended, and even the councillor general of Pakistan came along.

“Some really high profile people attended this wedding which I’m grateful for because I know now how people are very busy so I want to thank everyone who attended the wedding and took out their precious time to come to our special day.”

Councillor Hussain expressed his thanks towards his older brothers and his uncle who arranged the entire ceremony.

He stated that two timings for the wedding were needed to “fit everyone in” and there were six sittings of the ceremony to cater for everyone.

He added: “My family, in particular, were also paying tribute to my father.

“It was because of him that people had so much love for us, and my mum paid tribute to my father himself.”

After his local election in May 2022, Councillor Hussain has promised to take his wife on a honeymoon to Dubai or the Maldives.

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