Carol Vorderman slams ‘Greedy’ Rishi Sunak over Net Zero U-Turn

Carol Vorderman launched a blistering attack on Rishi Sunak after the Prime Minister announced his new approaches to net zero.

Carol Vorderman slams 'Greedy' Rishi Sunak over Net Zero U-Turn f

"Dozy, Nasty, Dodgy, Greedy, Shouty and Bully"

Carol Vorderman hit out at Rishi Sunak following his new plans for net zero.

The Prime Minister accounted a number of climate policies would be scrapped, prompting the TV presenter to accuse him of lying.

Mr Sunak said he would bring an end to “heavy-handed policies”, including taxes on eating meat, taxes to discourage flying, being forced to sort your rubbish into seven different bins and compulsory car sharing.

But Carol said: “Rishi Sunak lies. New flying tax doesn’t exist. Compulsory car sharing doesn’t exist. Mandatory insulation upgrade doesn’t exist.

“Mind you, a recycling bin each for Dozy, Nasty, Dodgy, Greedy, Shouty and Bully at GE is a grand idea.”

Mr Sunak announced a new approach to tackling climate change.

He said the UK is “proud to be a world leader in reaching net zero by 2025 – but we simply won’t achieve it until we change”.

The PM said the new approach will be “more realistic” and “ease the burden” on families.

He said: “In a democracy, this is the only realistic path to net zero.

“Consent, not imposition. That’s how we’ll turn the challenge of net zero into the greatest opportunity and the greatest achievement of our lifetime.

“We are going to change the way our politics works.”

Measures include changing the ban on new fossil fuel cars to 2035.

Rishi Sunak also confirmed that households would “never” be forced to “rip-out their existing boiler and replace it with a heat pump”.

Mr Sunak insisted the UK was already ahead of allies in reducing emissions and could not impose “unacceptable costs” on British families.

Mr Sunak said previous governments had sought to get to net zero “simply by wishing it”.

He said: “No one in Westminster politics has yet had the courage to look people in the eye and explain what’s really involved. That’s wrong, and it changes now.

“It cannot be right for Westminster to impose such significant costs on working people, especially those who are already struggling to make ends meet and to interfere so much in people’s way of life without a properly informed national debate.”

Mr Sunak also ruled out holding a referendum on net zero, adding:

“I think everyone’s had enough of referendums, quite frankly.

“But I think the principle of consent is important… We’re going to get to net zero but we’re going to do it in a fair and proportionate way.”

Dhiren is a journalism graduate with a passion for gaming, watching films and sports. He also enjoys cooking from time to time. His motto is to “Live life one day at a time.”

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