Why you Should buy Bridal Wear in Mumbai

India is considered to be the ‘shopping hub’ for bridal outfits and the perfect wedding dress. DESIblitz explores the best bridal boutiques in Mumbai.

Why you Should buy Bridal Wear in Mumbai

'The City of Dreams’ is an absolute shopper’s delight

Traditionally, over many years, when brides have decided to get married the first thing that comes into their mind is what wedding dress they will buy, and more importantly, where should they get it from?

Buying a wedding dress is not an easy task. There are many factors a bride must consider before making her choice.

For example, decisions can range from choice of embroidery, type of wedding dress, latest trends, and even the latest colours – the list goes on.

However, another dilemma that many brides go through is whether they should make a trip abroad to India or Pakistan to buy their wedding dress.

Mumbai, ‘The City of Dreams’, is an absolute shopper’s delight for the enthusiastic bride.

The vibrant city exhibits a stretch of designer bridal boutiques that can fulfil any desire or wish a bride may have.

DESIblitz lists some of the best bridal boutiques in Mumbai, which we believe are worth checking out.

Bridal Stores in Mumbai

  1. Seasons

Buying a Wedding Dress in Mumbai!

Located at the most convenient location, near Santacruz station, this magnificent store has a complete bridal showroom with both diamond and Zari work.

The pieces are classic, yet trendy as well as inexpensive and rich in look.

Visit their website here.

  1. Bawree

Buying a Wedding Dress in Mumbai!

Bawree houses a mix of both traditional and western style bridal outfits.

A well organised, three storied boutique, they have a lavish bridal room offering brides personal lehenga trials.

The work and cut of the bridal lehengas are very traditional as well as stylish and they are sure to offer amazing deals!

You can take a look at some of Bawree’s designs here.

  1. Kalki Fashion store

Buying a Wedding Dress in Mumbai!

Kalki has a range of stunning lehengas, rich ornamental designer sarees and wedding accessories. Not only this, they have an incredible range of fabrics, available stitched or unstitched.

Their collection is created by fresh, upcoming fashion designer talent. And their creations are versatile, playing on the radiance of modern day woman.

Kalki also houses the works of Sabyasachi, Neeta Lulla, Gaurav Gupta so you might be able to get an exquisite designer piece too!

You can take a look at their UK website here.

  1. Raas Bridal Shop

Buying a Wedding Dress in Mumbai!

Raas has the ultimate range in bridal wear. Their lehengas and sarees need special mention here as they offer vibrant colours that are fabricated in georgette, net, chiffon with both stone and Zari work.

With unique designs and a wide range of dresses and outfits to choose from, this store is certainly worth visiting.

Visit the Raas website here.

  1. Roopkala

Buying a Wedding Dress in Mumbai!

This classy store has a huge bridal collection with royal lehengas and luxury apparel, offering a collection of both simple and heavy bridal outfits. The designs on offer at Roopkala are very elegant, and very fashionable.

Roopkala has also been featured several times on the popular TV show, Band Baja Bride. A perfect stop for wedding shopping!

View more of Roopkala’s exquisite designs here.

Advantages of Buying Abroad

Wedding dress shopping in Mumbai is definitely advantageous than buying locally in the UK. Here are three main reasons why:


In Mumbai, there is no doubt that the boutique that the bride has chosen, will have a bridal outfit with the latest trend.

Most of the outfits that are housed in stores are based on designs that have been released by celebrity designers such as Sabyasachi, Manish Malhotra, Anita Dongre. Therefore it is always likely the bride will be wearing the most recent and fashionable piece.

Time efficient

Choosing a wedding outfit in Mumbai doesn’t take much time as there is so much variety, that the bride will always find something.

However, the most advantageous factor of buying a wedding dress in Mumbai is that the outfit can be made within two to three weeks. This includes the millions of alterations, which is an excellent service that most of the stores above offer.

By the end of the trip, the bride will go home with the wedding dress made exactly to her expectations!

Buying a Wedding Dress in Mumbai

Cost efficient

Buying a wedding dress in India, is definitely inexpensive.

A quality, extravagant wedding dress can easily be bought, with alterations for just under one lakh which is equivalent to £1000.

And not just the wedding outfit, but the matching jewellery, the extra materials, the Indian outfits for all the other ceremonies, can be bought for a much cheaper price as shoppers can haggle their way through – an art that is practised religiously in Mumbai!

Last but not least, the best advantage is getting a holiday out of it. And a chance to get away from the chaos of wedding planning back home in the UK.

The hustling and bustling streets of Mumbai may be tiring as wedding dress shopping is definitely exhausting. But at the end of it, it is always amazing to see what tourist attractions Mumbai has to offer.

So pull up your socks, carry some cash and entice your shopping buds to hunt for the best bridal dress in the city!

Tahmeena is an English Language and Linguistics graduate who has a passion for writing, enjoys reading, particularly about history and culture and loves everything Bollywood! Her motto is; ‘Do what you love’.

Images courtesy of Seasons, Bawree, Roopkala, Raas, and Kalki

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