10 Bollywood Films Not to Watch with the Family

From sexually sparked erotica to innuendo comedies, DESIblitz brings you Bollywood films you should avoid watching with your family.

6 Bollywood Films Not to Watch with the Family

For some, gone are the days where you can watch a new Bollywood movie with the parents.

Picture the scene: The family are eager to go and watch the latest Bollywood film with their favourite stars.

You are well prepared with the popcorn, drinks and cheesy tortillas, eagerly anticipating to settle into the movie everyone has been waiting for.

Halfway through the movie, the lead actors begin to get more than just ‘friendly’ and that feeling of discomfort hits everyone.

Noises of hands rustling in popcorn, awkward parents hastily looking for the drinks, someone taking their phone out to look at messages and even a couple of people leaving their seats to go to the toilets.

This all plays homage to something the originally excited family was not prepared for – sex scenes.

For some, gone are the days where you can watch a new Bollywood movie with the parents.

So to avoid that awkward moment in the cinema or the panicked frenzy to find the remote at home, we bring you ten Bollywood films in particular which are not ‘safe’ to be watched by the whole family.

Delhi Belly (2011)

The Bollywood adult comedy is renowned for its sexual content, being given an A (adult) rating.

The title ‘Delhi Belly’ refers to traveller’s diarrhoea, which many tourists suffer from, including our supporting protagonist, Nitin.

The film is a frantic, wild goose chase, where we’re met with an array of vulgar scenes, including Imran Khan’s character, Tashi, going down on his girlfriend and a scene where Tashi tries his best to hide his erection from his unsuspecting colleague, Menaka.

What has been described by some as borderline blasphemous was a scene where Tashi and Menaka kiss whilst wearing burkas.

Despite the controversies, the film did incredibly well, grossing 360 million crores in the first week of screening around India.

The theatrical poster is enough to prove that the film is not family friendly, with the words “Sh*t happens” written in capital letters.

Though it has been dubbed in Hindi, the film is originally in English, making it one of few Bollywood movies that are not entirely in the Hindi language.

A wacky yet hilarious film, Delhi Belly is one to be enjoyed with your friends.

Ragini MMS (2011)

The Ragini MMS franchise is an Indian found footage horror film, making it the first of its kind.

The film is inspired by the American hit, Paranormal Activity, and also loosely based on the real-life story of a young girl in Delhi.

Though Ragini MMS falls into the category of horror, the spine-tingling film follows a young couple’s romantic weekend away from home, with our male protagonist wanting to film a sex tape of the two.

The theatrical poster even states:

“They don’t know it yet. It’s a threesome.”

The viewer is enticed with multiple intimate scenes, though no full-blown nudity until the sequel, Ragini MMS 2.

Here, we are met with a steamy shower scene between lead actors Sunny Leone and Saahil Prem.

Ragini MMS Returns was the third rendition of the series, though this was a web show consisting of 12 episodes.

Regardless, with episode titles like ‘Sex Can Kill!” and “Climax Mein Climax,” watching the series without aunty and uncle around is probably the best call.

Considering the entire franchise is based on a horny couple’s escapades, Ragini MMS is a film to be watched strictly without the parents – but a great choice of movie for any upcoming sleepovers.

Masti (2014)

Masti was one of the first adult Bollywood films of its time, making it an incredibly risky choice for conservative Indian audiences.

The story revolves around three friends, who decide to cheat on their wives in an attempt to spice up their bleak lives as loyal husbands.

Though there are few explicitly naughty scenes and no displays of nudity, Masti is brimming with sexual innuendos.

Including scenes where the shocked viewer mistakenly believes that our male protagonist Prem (Aftab Shivdasani) is receiving oral sex from Amar (Riteish Deshmukh).

The film proved successful despite its lewd nature, with two sequels, Grand Masti and Great Grand Masti to follow.

Due to its largely sexual nature, it received negative responses from critics, yet proved a hit with audiences.

Grand Masti became the highest grossing Bollywood Adult rated film in India, entering Bollywood’s 100 crore club. Forbidden fruit is always the sweetest, right?

With multiple cleverly crafted vulgar jokes, Masti and the sequels are side-splitting adult comedies to be enjoyed only with mates.

Julie (2004)

Unlike other films on the list, Julie is also a social drama as well as erotica.

The film is well ahead of its time, wading into social taboos such as domestic abuse and prostitution.

The erotic thriller follows Goa girl Julie, (Neha Dhupia) who is dumped by her boyfriend for another woman. After having her heart broken, she moves to Mumbai in search of a better life.

Yet, her cruel fate only unites her with a physically abusive boss. Apathetic and indifferent, she begins to sell herself, becoming a high-profile prostitute.

She later falls in love with Mihir, a highly respected multi-millionaire.

The only problem being that Mihir and his family are unaware of her precarious profession and Julie must decide how to reveal her dark secret.

There are countless explicit sex scenes and nudity throughout the film, specifically alongside the title song, ‘Julie’.

A melting pot of social stigmas, Julie is a weighty film you’re most certainly better off watching alone.

Jism (2003)

As its name suggests, Jism (body) isn’t the most family-friendly film on the market. The thriller follows a married Sonia’s (Bipasha Basu) steamy love affair with Kabir (John Abraham.)

In fact, rumour has it that John Abraham and Bipasha Basu’s love story blossomed on the sets of this movie. And why wouldn’t it?

The film is crammed with saucy scenes between the two, including some kinky blindfolding, way before 50 Shades of Grey did it.

The sensual movie also has a sequel, starring none other than Sunny Leone as our heroine.

A remake of Hollywood film, Body Heat, Jism was voted number 92 of 100 in the top sexiest movie scenes on a Channel 4 poll.

A sequel to Jism was made starring Sunny Leone as her first Bollywood film, called Jism 2, which also contained adult themes not suitable for family viewing.

Another risqué film, especially for its release in the early 2000’s, Jism is something you can coyly laugh and giggle at with your friends – but let’s leave the family out of this one.

Murder (2004)

7 Bollywood Films Not to Watch with the Family - Muder

Based on the Hollywood film Unfaithful (2002) Murder starring Emraan Hashmi, Mallika Sherawat and Ashmit Patel in the lead roles, was called an erotic thriller.

Directed by Anurag Basu, the film had mixed reviews but did extremely well at the box office.

The story conveys a steamy affair with Sunny (Emraan Hashmi) and Simran (Mallika Sherawat) who is a lonely housewife in a loveless marriage with workaholic Sudhir (Ashmit Patel).

Featuring very intimate kissing and sexually context scenes between the lovers, the film received an  ‘A’ certificate. Thus, making it suitable only for adult viewing.

The story has an interesting plot but is better seen without all the family members as it will lead to some uncomfortable viewing with everyone watching.

Ishq Junoon: The Heat is On (2016)

The storyline isn’t the most elaborate, but Ishq Junoon is also branded an erotic thriller. In fact, it wouldn’t have made the list if it wasn’t for its plot twist.

To summarise, the story follows Raj and Pakhi, who meet and fall in love. Sounds like your average Bollywood love story, right?

That is of course, until Veer, Raj’s best bud is introduced. Since then, the film becomes a love triangle – and in turn – India’s first threesome movie.

Though it received relatively low ratings due to its sometimes-laughable scenes and dense storyline, the soundtrack did surprisingly well.

As you can imagine, we encounter multiple sex scenes, including a juicy threesome in the swimming pool. Very wet, if you get our drift.

In all honesty, this is probably something you should watch alone – unless you have other kinky friends who are into the menage-a-trois scene.

Mastizaade (2016)

7 Bollywood Films Not to Watch with the Family - Mastizaade

With the arrival of ex-porn star Sunny Leone in India, Bollywood has increased its quota of adult-themed content. Abliet, either in comedy form or with some films starring Sunny Leone.

Mastizaade released in January 2016 has all the ingredients of a Bollywood adult comedy used to express the innuendos around sex.

The film stars Sunny Leone, Tusshar Kapoor, Vir Das, Suresh Menon and others in a caper which is best not watched with the family.

Sunny plays the role of twin sister he story is about Lily Lele and Laila Lele who run a treatment centre for sex addicts.

Sunny Kele played by Tusshar Kapoor and Aditya Chothia played by Vir Das are sex-addicts, who meet the twin sisters and fall for them amongst the chaos and adult twists the storyline.

With boob scenes and dialogues which more or less have double meanings, this film is best watched with popcorn and your mates.

Hate Story (2012,  2014, 2016, 2018)

Bollywood Films Not to Watch with the Family - Hate Story 3

The Hate Story series of films are all erotic thrillers with adult themes. Not ideal to watch with the family.

Each of the films starred different actors. 

Hate Story (2012) the original starred Paoli Dum, Nikhel Dwivedi and Gulshan Devalah in an adult story that portrays a woman and her struggle to fight against betrayal.

Sushant Singh, Surveen Chawala and Jay Bhanushali starred in Hate Story 2 (2014) which is an adult thriller about a woman who is sexually abused and left to die by a corrupt politician and her revenge on him.

Hate Story 3 (2016) starred Karan Singh Grover, Daisy Shah, and Zarine Khan in an adult story of a multimillionaire businessman who seems to have everything until his rivals look to his past to destroy him.

Sexual scenes with Zarine Khan playing Siya Dawan hit the headlines when it was released.

The final film from the series, Hate Story 4 (2018) starred Urvashi Rautala, Gulshan Grover and Karan Wahl in an erotic thriller shows Tasha (Urvashi Rautala) as a model on a mission to become a star but ends up being the centre of attention of two men who want her.

So, watching these thrillers with erotic scenes without the family is definitely advised.

Rang Rasiya (2008)

Bollywood Films Not to Watch with the Family - Rang Rasiya

Starring Randeep Hooda and Nandana Sen Rang Rasiya tells the story of 19th-century Indian painter Raja Ravi Varma.

With art as its backdrop, the film contains many adult and sexual scenes.

The story shows how the radical painter Raja Ravi Varma (Randeep Hooda) sees Sugandha (Nandana Sen) who is the love interest as the perfect woman to portray through his art in nude forms.

From scenes showing the bare breasts of Nandana to naked love scenes with both of them covered in paint, instantly makes this one a difficult watch with the family. 

The film is available on Netflix and as an English version called Colours of Passion, in case the Hindi version is not preferred.

So, there we have it – ten Bollywood films not to watch with your family. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

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