Bollywood Actresses arrested as Part of Prostitution Racket

A prostitution racket in Alibag, India, was raided and several people were arrested. Among those arrested include Bollywood actresses.

Bollywood Actresses arrested as Part of Prostitution Racket f

"We contacted two women, who supplied women."

Several Bollywood actresses were arrested in Alibag, near Mumbai, for allegedly being associated with a prostitution racket.

They were arrested following a raid on a rented bungalow in the town. Officers from Raigad Police Station had received reports of a rave party taking place. Drugs were also seized at the party.

The police had received information that there were a number of high profile escort services operating in the area.

Officers gathered intelligence and contacted two security guards.

The intelligence input mentioned a prostitution racket being operated at the bungalow and other resorts in Alibag. The parties were to cover up the operations.

The security guards provided two phone numbers which belonged to pimps and then they laid a trap to arrest them and the facilitators of a party.

Two officers went undercover as customers and contacted the two pimps. After speaking to them, they found out that a party was being held at a bungalow.

A police team of 25 officers arrived at the scene and raided the venue.

The two pimps were arrested and were identified as Rakhi Notani and Ranjeeta Singh. They organised the party and were in possession of cocaine.

Raigad Superintendent Anil Paraskar explained that the suspects and the women being forced into prostitution were traced on Thursday, June 27, 2019. He said:

“We contacted two women, who supplied women. We then sent a decoy customer and managed to trap them all.”

Sixteen people were arrested at the bungalow for allegedly being involved with the prostitution racket.

Seven of those were actresses working in television and Bollywood who were associated with the prostitution racket. The other nine were responsible for supplying the drugs.

Officers managed to rescue seven women who had been lured into prostitution.

While it has been reported that some of the suspects were Bollywood actresses, they have not been identified.

Speaking about how the group ran the prostitution racket, an officer said:

“The accused provided high-profile women to customers. The customers booked hotel rooms online and the women were sent there.

“Sometimes, if a customer agreed to pay more, even drugs were supplied, like in this case.”

“Even actresses from Mumbai are involved.”

Paraskar added: “The suspects have been booked under the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act and for pushing women into prostitution.

“The seven women who have been rescued have been sent to a remand home for now.”

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