Best Mac Lip Products for South Asian Women

Many South Asian women struggle to find the right lip colour for their skin tones. DESIblitz presents the best Mac lip products for Desi girls.

Best Mac Lip Products for South Asian Women

This lipstick is a hit for Desi beauties

Finding the perfect lipstick for Desi skin tones can be a problem.

Many South Asian women can never find that perfect nude or perfect red. They either go too light on the nude lipsticks or too bright with the red lipsticks.

To avoid picking the wrong colour choice, here are a few picks approved by DESIblitz to help your lip colour crisis.

The Perfect Nude Lip


Finding the perfect nude lipstick is always hard. Mac Cosmetics have the perfect shade for brown complexions. ‘Velvet Teddy’ is a hit.

It’s a mid-tone beige that doesn’t make you look washed out or like you have just applied foundation to your lips. With its easy to apply formula and matte finish, this is a winner for Desi girls.

The Mac lipstick in ‘Hug Me’ is a lustre finish and is a great nude. It gives your lips a wash of colour and has a glossy finish to it. It’s a lightweight, non-sticky formula. With more of a rosy undertone to it, it’s the perfect nude for summer!

This next product isn’t a lipstick, but a lip liner. Mac’s lip liner in the shade ‘Spice’ is a popular favourite. A big hit for years, this lip liner is the perfect cinnamon nude. Long wearing and matte finish, perfect for South Asian women to wear on an everyday occasion!

The Perfect Pink Lip


For a soft rosy pink colour, the Cremesheen Glass in the shade ‘Deelight’ is the perfect neutral pink lip gloss. Its pigmented formula is easy to apply with its foot applicator. Wearable with any makeup look, this lip gloss is sure to give you that killer pout.

Fast Play by Mac is an amplified lipstick. It’s the best neutral pink lipstick around. Easy to apply, rich and creamy. It’s a subtle dulled pink with a hint of a brown undertone. This lipstick is a hit for Desi beauties.

The lip liner ‘Soar’ from Mac is another cult and iconic product. It’s the perfect pink to set a statement. A stunning shade for going one tone deeper than your natural lip colour.

With brown and rosy undertones, this colour is almost universal for any skin tone and is loved by various makeup junkies.

The Perfect Dark Lip


Going into the darker and more intense lip colours. If you’re looking for a handful of perfect fall lipsticks then here are your best recommendations.

Rebel by Mac is bestseller. It’s best described as a plum lipstick with a slightly bright pink undertone. It isn’t a blinding florescent purple but it isn’t a dull gothic purple either, the shade is somewhere in between these two.

It works well with all brown skin tones. With its satin finish, it leaves your lips ready for autumn.

‘Studded Kiss’ by Mac is a matte red lipstick. The biggest mistake Desi girls can make is to jump to the shade ‘Ruby Woo’ by Mac. Although it is a popular colour, it just doesn’t work well for Asian skin tones.

Studded Kiss on the other hand is a dark red with a slightly brown undertone. You can wear this with a simple winged liner or a Smokey eye, this lipstick is perfect for all.

The next product is another lipstick, ‘Sin’. Kylie Jenner has brought back the 90’s brown lip look with her launch of liquid lipsticks.

We all know Mac have a wide selection of colours, and within that range is the killer matte brown/burgundy for Asian girls, the shade is ‘Sin.’ With its long wearing formula, it is a total winner.

If you’re looking for that bold hot pink lip this summer, ‘All Fired Up’ is the answer. It’s a retro matte finish, which means the formula is slightly drier than the normal matte finish.

It’s the perfect hit for summer and Asian skin tones. It is very long wearing, so you won’t need to worry about touching up when eating and drinking.

So there you have it, our top 10 Mac lip products which have approved by DESIblitz. No more searching for the wrong shades.

These 10 products from Mac are sure to compliment your Asian complexion.

Mariam is an English and Creative Writing undergraduate. She loves all things fashion, beauty, food and fitness. Her motto: “Don’t be the same person you were yesterday, be better.”

Images courtesy of Mac

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