Best Hair Removal Methods for Desi Men

Hair removal is becoming common amongst Desi men. DESIblitz explores some of the most effective methods and how to undergo each one.

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"It gets rid of every single hair possible."

Hair removal methods are becoming rather common amongst several Desi men. It is not only ladies who desire to have hairless bodies, but men also do too.

It is a common and known fact that Desi men grow thicker and fuller hair in comparison to other ethnicities. So, it is important for them to know that there is a range of hair removal methods for them too.

From, waxing to shaving, there are various hair removal methods to choose from. It entirely depends on what you are comfortable with. Can you take the pain and use wax? Or do you need something quick and painless like laser hair removal?

However, there are a few precautions you should take before undergoing any of these methods to prevent any rashes or ingrown hairs.

DESIblitz highlights the top hair removal methods for Desi men, how to use those methods and how effective they are.

Hair Removal Creams

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This hair removal method does not hurt the way wax does and reaches more hair than shaving does. Using a hair removal cream aims to leave your skin feeling very smooth with minimal fuss.

Hair removal creams can be used on any part of your body. It requires roughly twenty minutes of your time, depending on the amount of hair you are removing.

Like any other hair removal method, it is important to exfoliate before using the hair removal cream. This reduces the risk of receiving in-grown hairs and any irritation on the skin.

When exclusively speaking to Zahir Khan about his favourite hair removal method, he says:

“I just really don’t like facing any pain, to be honest! I have tried shaving, it doesn’t hurt but my hairs would grow back faster.

“One of my friends told me he uses the Veet hair removal cream for men so I thought I’d try it. I tried it and that’s what I’ve been using ever since.

“It does not hurt at all and it gets rid of every single hair possible, it’s amazing.”

Some hair removal creams come with a spatula to remove your hair. However, if you do not receive one with it, you can simply use a damp washcloth.

Using the cream is fairly straight-forward. Simply, apply the cream on the part of your body you wish to remove any hair from. However, you definitely should not rub it in, just lather it on top.

Ideally, you should leave the cream on for around five minutes and then remove it. Once you have removed all of the hair, then rinse the area, ensuring there is no cream left.

This method of removing your hair with a hair removal cream applies to every part of your body. However, if you are wanting to remove any hair from your face or ears, it is best to make sure the cream is suitable for areas such as this.

If you are using the cream to remove hair from more intimate areas, then you need to be careful by first testing it on a small area first.

Also, be warned that only use the cream in these areas after a minimum of two weeks or longer, by allowing the hair to grow. People using it too early, have been known to experience rashes and mild burns. Especially, the genital areas.

Some of the best hair removal creams are Nad’s for Men Hair Removal Cream, Veet Men in Shower Hair Removal Cream and Nair Hair Removal Cream.


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Waxing is one of the most painful hair removal methods but for long term results, it can be worth it. It leaves your skin feeling smooth and silky as well as hair-free.

Once the wax strip is on your body, there is no going back. As it rapidly gets ripped off, the pain is excruciating.

Typically, Desi men use the hair removal method of waxing for their back, shoulders and chest area. Surprisingly, some Desi men use wax for their face when doing their eyebrows and their legs too.

To get into the nitty-gritties, Desi men also use wax to remove hair from their ears and noses. It sounds painful, but the pain only lasts for a couple of seconds.

When it comes to facial waxing, many Desi men go to their barber instead of doing it at home. This is due to the fact that the face is a very delicate area and let’s face it, you do not want half of your eyebrow waxed off!

However, many say that you receive the best results when waxing, especially for Desi men.

Although it is a reliable hair removal method and can be done from the comfort of your home, there are a few precautions you should take before-hand.

Roughly two or three days before you wax, it is important to exfoliate the areas you are going to be removing hair from.

Exfoliating, using a scrub will prevent any dead skin from merging and will give your skin a soft feeling after waxing.

Some Desi men after waxing find that they form red bumps on the waxed areas on their skin. There are various creams that can be used to heal any irritation after waxing, giving you a smooth experience.

‘Hollywood’ and ‘Brazilan’ waxing is popular amongst women and it is also becoming popular with men. So, it is an option for the intimate areas.

Waxing also prevents the likelihood of those pestering in-grown hairs as it pulls out hairs right from the root. It also lasts longer than any other method, meaning you do not need to wax regularly.

However, when your hair does eventually grow back, it will grow back thinner. Waxing also results to a cut-free body and no more itching in comparison to when shaving.

Moreover, there are two ways you can wax off any hair from your body or your face. You can either use shop-bought wax strips such as Veet. Or, you can make your own hot wax at home.


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It is not only ladies who desire to get rid of their unwanted, excess hairs forever. In fact, many Desi men are in favour of this hair removal method too.

This hair removal method consists of a laser beam that targets each follicle of hair and gets rid of it. This method of removing hair lasts for a very long time, meaning you will have soft, smooth, hairless skin forever.

You can either have laser hair removal for specific parts of your body or your whole body. Some Desi men only want their hair removed from some parts of their bodies.

For example, some Desi men do not mind having hair on their legs or their arms and only want their armpit and chest hair removed. In this case, they will laser only these parts of their body.

Laser hair removal results in no rashes from shaving, no cuts, and no in-grown hairs. It is also being used for intimate areas as well.

Always check with salons for the various treatments available for men. Prior to laser hair removal, you may be asked to shave the hair 12 hours prior to the treatment.

Although it is pretty costly, it is worth it as it lasts a very long time. However, you can also remove your hair using a laser at home too.

To achieve these results at home, you will have to, of course, buy a laser hair removal device which is very expensive. Even though it is expensive, it will probably add to up to the same amount you will be spending on wax or razors every month!

However, the laser will last longer than any other hair removal method, meaning it will be worthy of the price.

Unlike other hair removal methods where your hair is instantly gone within the first shave or wax, this method is a bit different.

To achieve the best results, you will need to undergo the treatment a few times in order to ensure your hair does not grow back. You will need to touch up here and there to remove any missed follicles.

After having the treatment, there are a few do’s and dont’s. You should exfoliate your skin and wear SPF daily. You should not, however, pluck or wax the areas of your skin that have been lasered.  However, you are allowed to shave if needed.

When using a laser hair removal device on your face, there are a few devices that are not suitable for darker skin tones. Before purchasing one, you will need to do your research.


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There are three words to describe shaving; fast, easy and painless. It is a hair removal method that is mainly used by Desi men for their for beards.

However, they also use the method of shaving for their back, shoulders, armpits and legs. Typically, electric shavers are used for their beards while disposable razors are used to shave their body parts.

The most popular body area that Desi men shave is their back. Before shaving your back, it is best to apply soap or shaving cream and then gently shave off the hair.

Many Desi men also find it important to shave their armpit hair due to cleanliness and hygiene reasons. Having no hair on your armpits results in a lower chance of bad bio and sweat.

When exclusively speaking to Haris Ilyas about his method of shaving, he says:

“I personally just shave my body parts, the hair does grow back faster but I don’t have time for anything else. Neither can I be bothered to use anything else because I’ve just gotten used to shaving.

“If you just go to a supermarket and pick up a pack of disposable razors, they’ll do the trick. It doesn’t hurt and it costs no time.”

Ideally, it is best for men to shave after having a warm shower as it softens the hair, causing the hair to fall off easily.

Before shaving any area of your body, it is recommended to use some sort of pre-shave gel or oil. This will also soften and clean the desired area of your body or even your beard before shaving.

Shaving can be used for the genitals areas as well. But you must be extremely careful not to cut yourself and it is the lesser of the preferred methods due to the danger of ingrowing hairs.

After shaving, however, you should rinse your skin in the shower for a couple of minutes using no soap or creams. It is important to not spend too much time in the shower after you have shaved.

Once getting out of the shower, many Desi men use an aftershave to prevent their skin from drying out.

Finally, let’s talk about the most vital aspect of a Desi man’s appearance; their beard. Hundreds of Desi men shave their beards on a regular basis, ensuring it is always looking perfect.

Desi men, in general, tend to have thicker and fuller beard hair, meaning that they need to groom it quite often. There are various Desi men who maintain their beards at home, however, some like to go to their barber to get it done.

After shaving your beard, you should apply beard oil to soften and moisturise the beard, as well as giving it a nice scent.

Even though shaving requires no effort or results in any pain, it does make you prone to razor bumps and in-grown hairs. Shaving also makes your hair grow back faster in comparison to waxing or laser.

However, if you are after a quick way to get rid of any unwanted hair, then you should try shaving. This hair removal method is the most ideal for days where you do not have much time or energy for using wax or anything else.

If you are a Desi man who wants to get rid of any unwanted hair, these methods are some of the most effective ones. Simply try them out and find out which one is most suited to you.

Are you a shaving type of guy or the fearless, waxing type?

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