Popular Hair Removal Treatments

Unsure about the numerous choices for hair removal, or which one is the best for you? DESIblitz takes a look at the pros and cons of lasers treatments, waxing, threading and shaving.

Hair removal

"Waxing can be a bit messy to work with for removing unwanted hair."

We all understand the value of enjoying hair free skin, but keeping our bodies hairless in all the right places isn’t always quick and easy. Not only that, but with the huge variety of treatments and methods to remove hair, how do we know which is the safest?

Vasts amounts of unwanted hair is considered to be one of the most unlucky conditions that both British Asian women and men are unfortunate to suffer from.

Whether you prefer permanent hair reduction or temporary hair free treatments, it’s worth doing some serious homework before attempting any hair removing methods.

DESIblitz takes a closer look at some of the most popular treatments among British Asians:

Laser Treatments

Laser Treatment

Laser treatments are increasingly in demand by many British Asian men and women who want to remove their unwanted hair. The process involves directing laser beams onto the base of unwanted hair follicles. It scatters the strength and damages the base, therefore causing a reduction in the rate of hair growth.

Laser hair removal promises a lasting fix for unwanted hair fuss. Regardless of the price tag for the treatment of possibly thousands of pounds, many consider laser treatments to be the only super solutions for permanent hair removal, because it diminishes unwanted hair for good.

Some studies show that laser hair removal for British Asians is harmless in almost every case. Laser treatments can be attempted for any body area with virtually no pain! New York dermatologist, Dr Ariel Ostad says:

“It causes no damage to the dermis so the most sensitive skin can be treated. It is important to go to a dermatologist who can offer different lasers which are customized to the patient’s skin colour and hair colour.”

“It is the most effective and cost effective treatment considering how much one can spend over a lifetime with options such as waxing or electrolysis,” says Ostad.

There must be some side effects to the treatment, as it is a cosmetic procedure. Typical side effects of laser hair removal are minor, but there is still a lot of concern for long term damage it could cause. Recent cases show that some recoveries could even last up to several weeks.

Common reactions include mild sunburn, redness and often minor swelling after undergoing the treatment that could last up to few days.

Recently attempting laser treatment, Ayesha says: “This laser worked for me. I have tried many different lasers this definitely gave me the best results. The only downside with laser treatment is you have to be really careful and use high factor sunblock.”


Wax treatment

The most common method of hair removal today is waxing. Home waxing is highly popular as it is well manageable and easy to use. It is often preferred as it is more price effective and much more private than professional hair removal treatments.

Waxing temporarily removes unwanted hair for up to four to six weeks. The method simply involves applying warm wax onto the skin and stripping off unwanted hair from its root. It is suitable for all body areas such as legs, underarms and bikini area, and also great for deeper, darker hair types.

Waxing requires regrowth in order to be effectual. Waxing can be reasonably painful, bunches of hair are ripped straight out from the root at once, but it does become more tolerable over time. Waxing can also lead to ingrown hairs and thicker hair for some.

Natural oils in some waxing are beneficial for the skin’s health. Some waxing is very elastic and stretchable, hence the hair removal experience can be more comfortable.

One 23-year-old says: “There’s no need to go to the salons it’s a simple hair removal method. However, waxing can be a bit messy to work with for removing unwanted hair.”



One of the most desi treatments is the cotton thread hair removal method. Popular among South Asian communities, it works by pulling along unwanted hair in a twisted gesture. Doing so, it traps hair and lifts it from the roots.

This process is extremely hygienic, as nothing but the cotton thread touches the skin. Temporary results can become permanent over time as frequent threading can cause the hairs to become damaged leading to a weaker hair maturation.

However, if threading in carried out incorrectly, the hairs can break and hair re-growth will show up much faster:

“Threading can be frustrating sometimes it requires correct positioning to pull the hair accurately, getting it done professionally is ideal,” says one 27-year-old.

Threading often has a very uncomfortable feel and can be much more painful in comparison to waxing. Often using a warm compress relaxes the hair follicle for a softer pull. Some hair growth is necessary for appropriately 1/16 inch of hair.

Most importantly, this method is mostly considered to be for the face and not the whole body, particularly eyebrows and the upper lip.



Shaving is considered to be a super quick fix hair removal process. It removes the unwanted hair from the skin’s surface by trimming the hair from the skin’s outer layer. This pain free technique can be applied to any part of the body in very simple methods. Shaving creams can be also used to help moisturise the skin.

However, hair growth falls out much more quickly, and since hair is cut off at the surface, re-growing hair is blunt and thicker. Regular shavers are potentiality prone to ingrown hairs and a rougher skin texture.

A recent review for shaving, male aged 25: “I like the razors with moisture strips, it’s painless but they don’t last very long.”

Both men and women who search for a solution to the trouble of unwanted hair in a pain free version love shaving.

With the booming obsession to look perfectly well-groomed in today’s society, both men and women are willing to go to any length to get rid of unwanted hair.

Being hair free can be a huge confidence boost, but it is important to take note of which hair removal processes and treatments are the best for you.

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If you suffer from any health conditions it is best to consult your Doctor or GP before trying any of the treatments mentioned.