BBC Breakfast Viewers spot ‘Tension’ between Naga & Charlie

BBC Breakfast viewers expressed their dismay at the show as they claimed to spot tension between Naga Munchetty and Charlie Stayt.

BBC Breakfast Viewers spot 'Tension' between Naga & Charlie f

"You can feel the chill in that BBC Breakfast studio"

On BBC Breakfast, viewers appeared to spot tension between Naga Munchetty and Charlie Stayt, forcing them to switch off.

Fans tuned in as Charlie and Naga hosted the July 6, 2023, episode, bringing the latest news from across the UK and the world.

However, viewers took to social media as they claimed to sense “tension” between the hosts.

One person posted: “Mornings are already depressing enough with tons of bad news so, can we have a duo without so much tension as displayed between Charlie and Naga.”

Another said: “You can feel the chill in that BBC Breakfast studio this morning. Naga at her finest.”

A third commented: “BBC Breakfast is the clearest insight into the New Class mindset.

“If your idea of ‘likeable and personable’, is Charlie Stayt and Naga, you are living in the Borg.”

Meanwhile, one person stated that they would be switching over to ITV, writing:

“Think I’m switching over to @ITV can’t stand Naga Munchetty.”

During the show, Naga appeared to snap at Carol Kirkwood as she presented the weather forecast.

Carol was presenting the usual weather segment, which promises “unsettled” wind and rain throughout the weekend and beyond.

However, Naga was unhappy about the news and appeared to take it out on her colleague.

Carol said: “Charlie and Naga, it is going to turn unsettled not just through the weekend, but also into next week too.”

Naga responded: “Right, you know me very well, Carol, yeah? Why didn’t you just leave it like that?

“Why didn’t you just leave it at Friday?”

Not taking Naga too seriously, Carol replied:

“Because it’s nearly the weekend, and you might have plans outside! It’s good to know these things.”

Charlie then chimed in:

“Carol’s doing her job! She’s informing us. She’s not editing out bits of information.”

But Naga was not having it and said:

“Well, I don’t mind if she does! I don’t mind if you do, Carol, just let that be known.

“It’s a nice day to end on, there, Friday. Mind you, not everyone likes the sunshine! Carol, we’ll speak to you later.”

Fortunately, the moment was all in jest as the co-stars shared a laugh as Carol’s segment ended.

On social media, viewers were loving Carol’s positivity as usual, with one writing:

“Have a great day Carol! You never fail to make us smile!”

Another said: “Good morning Carol have a wonderful day.”

Dhiren is a journalism graduate with a passion for gaming, watching films and sports. He also enjoys cooking from time to time. His motto is to “Live life one day at a time.”

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