Mahnoor Baloch says SRK is Not a Good Actor

Pakistani actress Mahnoor Baloch gave her thoughts on Shah Rukh Khan and controversially claimed that he “doesn’t know acting”.

Mahnoor Baloch says SRK is Not a Good Actor f

"my opinion about Shah Rukh Khan that he doesn’t know acting."

Mahnoor Baloch caused controversy by claiming that Shah Rukh Khan is not a good actor.

Speaking to Samaa TV, the Pakistani actress said SRK was not handsome in a conventional sense as she explained what makes a person attractive.

She stated that the Bollywood megastar’s aura makes him look good even when he does not meet society’s beauty standards.

On Shah Rukh’s personality, Mahnoor said:

“Shah Rukh Khan has a very good personality, but if you see him according to the beauty parameters and what is considered handsome, he doesn’t come under that.

“It is just that his personality and aura is so strong that he looks good.

“He has that thing (aura), but there are many beautiful people, who don’t have any aura, so people do not even notice them.”

She then claimed that SRK “doesn’t know acting”.

Mahnoor continued: “It is my opinion about Shah Rukh Khan that he doesn’t know acting.

“He is a great businessman, he knows how to market himself.

“Maybe, his fans and people would disagree with me, and that’s okay.

“He has a good personality, he markets himself well. There are so many good actors, who are not as successful.”

Unsurprisingly, Mahnoor Baloch’s comments angered fans, with many disagreeing with her opinion that Shah Rukh is not a good actor.

One said: “What rubbish is she saying… SRK is a quality actor and a legend.”

Another wrote: “Mahnoor is definitely wrong. He is the king of expressions.”

A third commented: “He is a very good actor don’t guide please.”

One angry user told Mahnoor:

“You and your opinion don’t even matter.”

One comment read: “Entire world knows SRK. I’m sorry but who are you?”

Some believed that Mahnoor’s comments were a desperate attempt to increase her popularity, with one person pointing out that Shah Rukh would never speak ill about another actor.

The user commented:

“I think she is trying to gain popularity by mentioning Shah Rukh.”

“He is better and way more successful than you.

“He would never give these kinds of remarks to anyone, so he is also a better person than you.”

Giving their first impression of Mahnoor Baloch, a netizen said:

“No offence but who is she and what are her achievements till date? Just need to know.

“What SRK is today is because of what he did in the past and how he built himself over the years.

“Seeing her for the first time and my impression is she is confident and straightforward but don’t know if she can survive with this kind of approach because the successful people are passionate, compassionate and always speak good of neighbours and colleagues.”

Telling Mahnoor to learn humility, one user said:

“Learn to respect people with God-given fame and the respect of the world.

“Sad artists with a limited body of work and ego bigger than talent should learn about humility.”

Dhiren is a journalism graduate with a passion for gaming, watching films and sports. He also enjoys cooking from time to time. His motto is to “Live life one day at a time.”

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