Armed Gang jailed for ‘Executing’ DPD Driver

An armed gang have been imprisoned for “executing” a DPD driver as he delivered parcels in broad daylight.

Armed Gang jailed for 'Executing' DPD Driver f

"I felt as though my very soul had been torn from my body"

Five men have been jailed for beating a DPD driver to death after ambushing him in broad daylight.

Aurman Singh was struck with an axe, a golf club, a wooden stave, a metal club, a hockey stick, a shovel, a cricket bat, and a knife during the fatal attack in Shrewsbury in August 2023.

At Stafford Crown Court, Kristina Montgomery KC said it was “an attack of horrifying brutality” and “a very public execution”.

She said it had been “an attack plainly intended to kill him” and Mr Singh had been left to die at the side of the road.

The motive behind the attack was not revealed in court but Detective Chief Inspector Mark Bellamy said officers believed Mr Singh was possibly connected to an incident in Derbyshire on August 20.

He said the level of violence used by the gang had been “quite shocking”.

Police said four other men believed to have been involved in the fatal attack are still at large.

Before sentencing, a statement from the victim’s mother Kuljit Kaur read:

“I felt as though my very soul had been torn from my body, replaced by an unending ache of sorrow.

“In disbelief and denial, I clung to hope, praying it was a terrible mistake until I laid eyes on his lifeless form.”

She described him as “a beacon of love, kindness, and selflessness”.

The court heard eight men had travelled in two cars to Berwick Avenue, Shrewsbury, where they lay in wait for Aurman Singh.

The gang had been directed by Sukhmandeep Singh, who was at the DPD depot in Stoke-on-Trent where the victim was based.

Seven of the eight men, who were armed and masked, then ambushed Mr Singh.

Mr Singh was struck in the head three times with the axe, fracturing his skull with one blow penetrating his brain.

He was also hit over the head with the golf club with such force that its head broke off and the shaft was left bent.

Mr Singh was attacked with the hockey stick and a wooden stave, before being stabbed in the back with such force, the knife cut through one of his ribs.

Armed Gang jailed for 'Executing' DPD Driver

He died at the scene.

DCI Bellamy said the attack had happened “in broad daylight in a residential area in Shrewsbury”.

Arshdeep Singh, Jagdeep Singh, Shivdeep Singh and Manjot Singh were convicted of murder. They will all serve at least 28 years in prison.

Sukhmandeep Singh was convicted of manslaughter and was jailed for 10 years.

Throughout the trial, no evidence had been submitted to indicate a motive for the ferocious attack.

Prosecutors had said: “It isn’t necessary in order to prove murder to prove a motive, to prove why it happened.

“And in this case, the prosecution will not try to prove why it happened. We don’t have evidence to prove why it happened.”

DCI Bellamy said there was no clear ringleader and the case was presented as a “joint enterprise”, in which all parties were responsible for the killing.

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