Amir Khan criticised for showing off Rare Watch

Amir Khan was criticised for showing off his new luxury watch just weeks after two armed robbers were jailed for stealing his last one.

Amir Khan criticised for showing off Rare Watch f

"And then he’ll get robbed again - what a clown."

Amir Khan was ridiculed for sharing a video of himself unveiling his new luxury watch weeks after two men were jailed for stealing his last one.

In April 2022, the retired boxer was robbed of his £72,000 bespoke Franck Muller gold and diamond-encrusted watch at gunpoint as he left a London restaurant.

The incident left his wife Faryal Makhdoom “screaming and crying”.

Hours before the robbery, Amir was pictured with a fan wearing the expensive watch.

Faryal believed the incident was premeditated and said that she now takes her jewellery off when she goes out.

In July 2023, Dante Campbell and Ahmed Bana were jailed for a total of more than 17 years after admitting conspiracy to rob and possessing an imitation firearm.

One other suspect, Hamza Kulane, is believed to still be on the run.

Amir Khan has now taken to Instagram to show off his new watch.

Also a Franck Muller timepiece, Amir said it had arrived just in time for Pakistan Independence Day.

In the video, he says: “Hey guys, so I picked myself up a new piece – a new Franck Muller.”

Amir then unboxes the watch, continuing:

“It’s a limited edition. So it’s the new Pakistan edition Franck Muller.

“This is number 66. There is only 75 made in the world. What do you guys think?”

Viewers were not impressed with the video, with many stating that he going to make himself a robbery target again.

One person said: “Don’t get that watch robbed too.”

Branding him a clown, another wrote: “And then he’ll get robbed again – what a clown.”

A third wrote: “The only people bothered are thieves.”

One comment read: “And you wonder why people try and steal your watch.”

Others criticised Amir’s ostentatious display of wealth, with one person writing:

“Why does this guy love to show off his stuff?”

Another commented: “Show off and then get mugged again at gunpoint.”


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Some felt Amir’s post was unnecessary at a time when Pakistan is going through a crisis.

One person said: “I think you should raise your voice against human rights violations in Pakistan rather than showing off a watch. Just saying brother.”

Another wrote: “So ostentatious and unnecessary at a time when people have nothing. Showing off is so crass.

“Use your voice and platform for a worthy cause and grow the hell up.”

After his robbers were jailed, Amir Khan said in an impact statement:

“This has had a serious effect on my life. I am now very fearful of going out – especially in London. I am very scared of walking around London and I have never felt like this before.

“I know I can fight, but the streets of London are so unsafe and I believe I have become a target.

“I can now no longer enjoy things like shopping. I am constantly looking over my shoulder and am wary of people.

“Being a boxer in the public eye has made this embarrassing for me, but the man had a gun.”

Dhiren is a journalism graduate with a passion for gaming, watching films and sports. He also enjoys cooking from time to time. His motto is to “Live life one day at a time.”

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