Allesley Hotel Asian Wedding Fayre and Allesley Hotel’s elite Asian Wedding Fayre on November 1st 2009 in Coventry, ensured something for everyone. From quality exhibitors to stunning fashion shows to entertainment by Des-C, the event boasted the magic of variety.

"the support and efforts of everyone involved made this event possible."

Asian weddings are a perfect blend of traditions, values and celebrations and planning Brit-Asian weddings is now a far more involved, exciting and in many cases, a stressful experience.

The advent of events to promote services and suppliers for Asian weddings is now emerging to be one great way of reducing stress and worry.

Visitors at the Asian Wedding and the Allesley Hotel, based in Coventry (UK), teamed together to present a hugely successful ‘Asian Wedding Fayre’ on 1st November 2009 for Brit-Asian brides and grooms planning their weddings for 2010.

The event attracted crowds from Birmingham, Leicester and neighbouring areas to the small village of Allesley. The full-featured programme of fashion shows, celebrities and an excellent selection of exhibitors, gave everyone visiting something to enjoy.

The following selection of Asian Wedding exhibitors presented their goods and services at the event:

Noreen Khan on the Catwalk!The host for the event, the delightful Noreen Khan (BBC Asian Network), gave a wonderful presentation of the fashion shows and celebrity performers. For the first time ever, Noreen Khan appeared on the catwalk and looked amazing! Many commented on how naturally she blended into the models! Her outfits supplied by Riitih and N’ashaa looked gorgeous on her.

DESIblitz took the opportunity to introduce and encourage a new fashion team to take ownership of the fashion shows. The Blush Team, our new specialist fashion team, gave it their all to make the shows unique, elegant and of stunning quality.

The main members of the team comprised, Almas Mann (Show Co-Ordinator), Ashifa Bhol (Make-up and Female Shows), Anees Malik (Riitih – Female Designer Wear and Female Shows), Bashir Saber (Hair Stylist and Female Shows), Omer Janjua (Art Direction), Zahid Akhtar (Ziggi Studios – Male Designer Wear and Male Shows) and Kabeer (Juice Studios – Male shows). Manj, Nisha, Asma Bhol, Lia Latchford and Anam Ali assisted the team.

DESIblitz are very proud to be the first sponsors of the Blush Team and of their achievement.

Blush Team duo Ashifa Bhol and Almas MannEspecially, for the maturity, professionalism, teamwork and dedication shown by the team. Key contributions from Almas, Ashifa, Ritthi and Bashir for the female catwalk, made all the difference. Kabeer and Ziggi, responsible for the male show and choreography, showed their calibre too.

The models looked exquisite in the clothes provided by Desi Girl, N’ashaa for the female collections and Ziggi Studio for the male models. Ria, Annila Khalid, Anna Maria, Arooj Mehmood, Chelene Baker, Cherie, Jaymini, Tranam, Sameena Yates, Leena Grove, Yasmin and Gurneen; particpated in the event for the female fashion. Kabeer Baber, Jimmy Maan, Zamir Botero, Danish Wakeel and Fahad Majeed; wore the Ziggi Studio menswear.

The free DESIblitz Asian Weddings booklet containing many Asian Wedding goods and service suppliers including the exhibitors and fashion designers immediately added value for all visitors, especially those seeking services for their wedding.

Historical Asian Wedding Exhibition by Sandy BainsA unique DESIblitz Asian Wedding Exhibition, emphatically put together by our writer Sandip Bains, greeted all visitors as the first exhibit. Three decades of British Asian Wedding history with old photos, costumes and real examples of items, showed the changes in Asian weddings in the UK. Sandy said, “The interest showed in the exhibition was fantastic and a great talking point for parents visiting because it reminded them of their big day. Especially, the era of the 1970’s, and how different it was then!”

The bombastic Bhangra star Des-C and the sweet female singing artist duo Biti and Sabrina, provided the entertainment in between the fashion shows.

Des-C and Biti & Sabrina at the ShowBiti and Sabrina appeared on the catwalk in designer wear provided by Rittih and sang their song ‘Veh Vanjaariya’ looking desi and authentic all the way!

Des-C looked terrific on the catwalk as part of the male fashion show in designer menswear provided by Ziggi. Lively and energetic performances of tracks from his latest album ‘First Flight’ added surprise and star quality to the event.

Without any rehearsals, Des-C invited models on the stage to dance to two of his tracks. The total crowd loved it and gave a rapturous cheer.

You can enjoy the specially created videos below of the event, featuring the fashion shows and fantastic performances by Des-C, Biti and Sabrina. 

PSG Sound and Lighting, AL-Haj Nawab, Fabian Group and Spice Buffet provided significant backstage support to the event. Asian British Music and The Phantom Road Show kindly provided advertising support for the event. Indi from DESIblitz said, “the support and efforts of everyone involved made this event possible.”

Feedback received from attendees throughout the day expressed huge compliments for the organisers and a large number of enquiries for the exhibitors. Making the and Allesley Hotel Asian Wedding Fayre a tremendous success for all.

View photos from the event in our special unique gallery below to give you an exclusive photographic feel of the day.

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Photography by Sandhu Imaging and Vintage Creations exclusively for Photos © 2009

Filming by Vintage Creations exclusively for © 2009

Thanks to Allesley Hotel, All the Exhibitors, The Blush Team, Desi Girl, N'ashaa, Noreen Khan, Vintage Creations, Sandhu Imaging, AL-Haj Nawab, Fabian Group, spice Buffet, Phantom Roadshow, Asian British Music and everyone else supporting this event.