The Club Hotel & Spa Jersey offers Relaxation with Great Food

The Club Hotel & Spa in Jersey is renowned for 5-Star luxury and Michelin star dining. DESIblitz reviews the relaxing retreat in the seaside capital of St. Helier.

The Club Hotel & Spa offers Michelin Star Dining in Jersey

The food is unrivalled in Jersey, and you will struggle to find anything as satisfying

Five-star luxury, endless relaxation, and outstanding service are what one can expect at The Club Hotel & Spa in Jersey.

Located in the heart of the seaside capital, St. Helier, guests at The Club Hotel & Spa are rewarded with stunning views of the marina, sea front and sandy beaches. It is a perfect locale for a scenic walk around the quaint island.

Not that you will find much reason to leave the spa and hotel at all during your stay.

DESIblitz had the fantastic opportunity to visit and stay at Jersey’s acclaimed Club Hotel & Spa and Michelin star Bohemian restaurant. Here’s how we found the experience.

A Warm Welcome to 5-Star Luxury

The Club Hotel & Spa offers Michelin Star Dining in Jersey

Once you soak in the incredible surroundings of St. Helier, you will be welcomed by the personable hotel staff into a light and spacious room. One immediately picks up on the modern and chic decor of the hotel. Walls are filled with abstract art, bold sculptures and tasteful carpeting.

The contemporary design of wood and glass panelling match the sophisticated and luxurious setting.

Alongside the king-sized bed with its crisp white Frette bedding and refreshing ensuite shower, unique touches such as a personalised note from the hotel manager placed on the chocolate coloured modern furniture, will make you feel right at home.

Once you’ve had a few moments to settle in, you can finally explore all the wonderful facilities that The Club offers.

The 5-star hotel boasts a unique roof top terrace, with heated pool and sun loungers. The roof terrace and champagne bar are bedecked with fairy lights. It is a wonderful escape after a day spent in the luxurious spa.

Or you can sit and enjoy cocktails at The Club’s Honesty Bar which is adjoined by a private library. Staff welcome you to take drinks as you please, without waiting to be served, and settle down with an excellent selection of literature.

A Relaxing Spa Experience

The Club Hotel & Spa offers Michelin Star Dining in Jersey

One of the many highlights of your stay is the wonderful Club Spa, which offers a multitude of treatment rooms.

The facial on offer is perhaps one of the best that you can find anywhere. The scalp massage and Marma massage on one’s neck and shoulders are exceptional, as each stroke will ease away your stress and pressures. The qualified spa team are extremely hospitable.

The room is warm and tranquil and beauty therapist Atlanta will at once put you at ease, discussing your individual needs. The facial products and oils specially cater for your specific demands and can offer you an instant glow that will last for the rest of your stay.

Also indulge in the full body massage which lasts up to an hour, with the masseuse Nikki again catering to your specific tight problem areas.

The hours pass here blissfully and you will find yourself transported into a whirlwind of relaxation.

Aside from the treatment rooms, you can visit the salt water pool and thermal suite. You can sit in the salt cabin, herbal steam room or sauna. Afterwards, you can sit and simply chill on the loungers with drinks on hand.

Gastronomic Michelin Star Dining

The Club Hotel & Spa offers Michelin Star Dining in Jersey

The true icing on the cake to your hotel experience, however, is the Michelin star Bohemia Bar & Restaurant, which is run by the talented chef, Steve Smith.

The avant-garde food is unrivalled in Jersey, and you will struggle to find anything as gastronomically satisfying.

Smith is renowned for his unusual combinations and innovative skills of presentation. The tasting menu will play to your palate in an exciting and surprising fashion.

Each dish offers its own unique character. Our dining experience was split into two parts. First came the afternoon tea on of the particularly warm and sunny days. Sat overlooking the outer pool, we were treated to an assortment of sweet treats and pastries.

The Club offers a fantastic selection of unusual loose teas to choose from. Strongly recommended are the Jamaican Rum tea and Arabian Magic!

The charming experience includes refreshing glasses of Prosecco accompanied by a beautiful array of sandwiches with delightful fillings: Ham and Mustard, Tuna Salad, Salmon and Cucumber and a gorgeous classic, Cheese and Tomato.

The Club Hotel & Spa offers Michelin Star Dining in Jersey

Next to look forward to is the evening dining experience, where you will witness the mastery of Steve Smith’s culinary skills.

You will be presented with a gastronomical treat of an eight-course meal to make your evening very complete.

Alongside sublime tasting dishes, you will be dazzled by the precise attention to detail of each dish set down in front of you.

Chef Smith offers a tasting adventure where guests can indulge in flavour combinations and textures they may not have tried before.

Warm bread rolls are served with seaweed butter, as a surprisingly tasty accompaniment.

The eight-course meal consists of Oysters served with Cucumber, Dill and Caviar; Scallop with Celeriac & Truffle, Smoked Eel and Apple; and a tantalising Turbot served with Kohlrabi & Vanilla, with Mussels and Clams on a bed of Sea Vegetables.

The Club Hotel & Spa offers Michelin Star Dining in Jersey

While all the dishes are of an incredibly high standard, highlights include a Sweet & Sour Grapefruit with Black Pepper & Tarragon, Potato, and a delightful vegetarian option – a Sweetcorn Pannacotta with a Pickled Mushroom Salad.

The menu is topped off with a selection of artisan cheese from Jean-Yves Bordier. Plus, a collection of sublime desserts, including Pineapple, Coconut and Coriander and Rhubarb Champagne Yoghurt.

The entire dining experience feels as though a culinary story is unfolding before your very eyes. Each spoonful will leave you yearning for more. By the end of the eight courses, you will happily sink into a fully satisfying food haze.

It is clear that the Michelin star dining experience is reason alone to pay a visit to The Club. With freshly sourced ingredients and an imaginative menu, the Chef’s magic touch results in a fantastic display of food.

An Unforgettable Stay

Overall, The Club Hotel & Spa is a truly unforgettable visit out in the seaside capital of St. Helier. You can expect faultless service from the hotel, spa and restaurant staff.

DESIblitz strongly recommends The Club for its warm welcome and its luxurious facilities. For those looking for an ideal relaxing break to escape from city life then a visit to The Club Hotel & Spa will leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

For reservations please call: 01534 876 500 or visit The Club Hotel & Spa website here.

Aisha is an editor and a creative writer. Her passions include music, theatre, art and reading. Her motto is “Life is too short, so eat dessert first!”

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