Aamir Khan & Vishnu Vishal rescued from Chennai Floods

Aamir Khan and Tamil actor Vishnu Vishal were rescued after Cyclone Michaung devastated many parts of Tamil Nadu.

Aamir Khan & Vishnu Vishal rescued from Chennai Floods f

"Rescue operations have started in Karapakkam."

A day after Cyclone Michaung devastated much of Tamil Nadu, the likes of Aamir Khan and Tamil actor Vishnu Vishal were rescued from the floods.

Vishnu shared pictures of him and others being helped by the fire and rescue department.

In the images, Aamir Khan was spotted.

It is reported that he has moved to Chennai to look after his sick mother. He has been living there since October 2023.

In one image, Aamir could be seen in the boat.

Another picture showed the Bollywood star and Vishnu taking a selfie with the rescue workers.

Sharing the pictures on X, Vishnu tweeted:

“Thanks to the fire and rescue department in helping people like us who are stranded.

“Rescue operations have started in Karapakkam. Saw 3 boats functioning already. Great work by TN govt in such testing times.

“Thanks to all the administrative people who are working relentlessly.”

Fans were stunned to see Aamir among those being rescued, with one user asking:

“Is that Aamir Khan in the picture?”

Another said: “Hope you are safe now.”

Others praised the efforts of the rescue team.

Aamir Khan & Vishnu Vishal rescued from Chennai Floods

Vishnu posted an update on the matter and urged people to help those in need.

He wrote: “More than 30 people were taken out from our villa community with many old people as well.

“Thanks to the firemen who helped us all and are helping other people in Karapakkam.

“We gave them some food that we had. Please help these people as well.

“They are working nonstop and reaching out to as many people as possible with so much physical effort.”

Vishnu had previously shared pictures of himself standing on the roof of his house as the water level continued to rise.

He tweeted: “Water is entering my house and the level is rising badly in Karapakkam.

“I have called for help. No electricity no wifi. No phone signal. Nothing.”

“Only on the terrace at a particular point, I get some signal. Let’s hope I and so many here get some help. I can feel for people all over Chennai.”

After Aamir and Vishnu were rescued, Tamil actor Ajith Kumar found out about their situation and visited them.

Aamir Khan & Vishnu Vishal rescued from Chennai Floods 2

He also made travel arrangements for Aamir, Vishnu and stranded locals.

Appreciating Ajith’s gesture, Vishnu wrote:

“After getting to know our situation through a common friend, the ever helpful Ajith Sir came to check in on us and helped with travel arrangements for our villa community members… Love you Ajith Sir!”

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