Mashal Khan details Script Choices & Work Ethics

On The Talk Talk Show, Mashal Khan spoke about the choices she makes when it comes to scrips as well as work ethics.

Mashal Khan details Script Choices & Work Ethics f

“This is my main contention with our dramas."

Mashal Khan has spoken about her acting career and detailed her experiences of being an actress in a competitive field.

On The Talk Talk Show, she spoke to host Hassan Choudary about the roles she has played and why they have not had a strong impact on audiences.

Sharing her opinions, Mashal said: “When something sparks my interest, I completely immerse myself in it and then I just have to do it really well. I don’t feel at peace until I do.

“I think when you have few friends in your childhood then you have a lot more time to work on your talents.

“This is my main contention with our dramas.

“We depict very two-dimensional people who only have love and domestic issues in their lives.”

Mashal went on to say that although this was a part of life, there was a lot more that scriptwriters could highlight in their dramas.

Citing her love of sports, Mashal pointed out that sports were not shown a lot in shows.

Sharing her thoughts about the depiction of English-speaking characters in Pakistani TV, Mashal Khan believed they are portrayed as overly modern and opinionated.

She elaborated: “We associate English-speaking people with being too open-minded and too out there.

“Perhaps it is not acceptable yet in our society to be too ‘Western-influenced’ so we take it as a negative connotation.

“Every society has good and bad people regardless of language.”

The conversation turned to script choices and Mashal explained that at the start of her career, she would carefully pick her work.

It then came to a point where she picked anything.

Hassan asked if she felt that this decision stopped her from working to the best of her ability.

Mashal disagreed and replied: “You can connect with any person if you really try.

“So I read the script carefully and try to find common ground with my characters.”

The conversation turned to marriage and Mashal admitted that she was not looking for a relationship yet because she wanted to focus on her career.

“I don’t look at love as a dynamic where one person controls the other. When I do end up getting married I will be very private about it.

“It will be among a few people and a very simple affair. I genuinely feel that people try to ruin things when they see you happy with someone while they are miserable at home.”

Sana is from a law background who's pursuing her love of writing. She likes reading, music, cooking and making her own jam. Her motto is: "Taking the second step is always less scarier than taking the first."

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