Aakash Jaiswal ~ From Engineering to Modelling

In an exclusive Gupshup, Aakash Jaiswal tells us how his career takes a dramatic turn from engineering to modelling and how men’s fashion is fast changing.

Aakash Jaiswal

"Men are actually following the trends like never before."

In a world full of beautiful faces, breaking into the modelling industry can seem like an arduous task.

With every aspirant believing they’ve got what it takes, very few manage to climb to the top of the proverbial ladder.

Aakash Jaiswal has flourished where many others have tried and failed.

His decision to move to Mumbai after university stemmed from his desire to do something out of the ordinary.

It wasn’t long before his once-in-a-lifetime opportunity came knocking by a chance encounter through a friend.

Whether considered a fortunate case of being at the right place at the right time or an inevitable play of fate, he is certainly making a name for himself in the high-end Indian fashion scene.

DESIblitz catches up with the mechanical engineering graduate-turned-model to gets to know him a little better.

How were you discovered in the industry?

Aakash Jaiswal“Well, when it’s destined, you can’t really do anything about it.

“After finishing my bachelors in mechanical engineering I moved to Mumbai. I always had this burning desire to do something different and exciting and I always knew that I am not made for a 9 to 5 job.

“And then came this talent hunt of pantaloons which actually opened the gate of opportunities. There I met Shakir Shaikh, one of the finest choreographers of our country and I started working with him mostly on ramps.

“Then at a small house party I met a European photographer called Francois Martys and he was scouting models for a calendar shoot.

“He liked me instantly and the next day I was on a flight to Jaipur for my first ever high fashion photoshoot. From there, I never turned back.

“I’ve walked for all the major designers in India like Sabyasachi, Varun Bahl, Troy Costa, Anamika Khanna and so on.

“I’ve also walked in various fashion weeks including Lakmé, GQ Fashion Nights, Bridal Fashion Week and Blenders Fashion Tour.”

What are the advantages and challenges as a male model in India?

Aakash Jaiswal“The advantages of being a model is that I get to wear all the designer clothes and walk the ramp in front of the audience. No drug or alcohol can give you the high that you get there.

“I get to travel all around the world and meet different people in the industry – I learn so much every day.

“However, the challenge is to keep fit and be seen in and around because replacement happens overnight here. There’s no certainty in this business.

“Other issues are like we don’t have many fashion designers for men, and I don’t blame them because Indian men are not that fashionable.

“But I am seeing the change. Men are actually following the trends like never before. So, better days are sure coming.”

Who are your favourite designers and what is your favourite fashion style?

“I love wearing suits and there’s nothing better than Tom ford when it comes to that.

“I also like Troy Costa’s creations and Varoin Marwah‘s cuts and how he adds character to his suits.

“On the other side, I like to keep it very casual with a basic white t-shirt and a pair of ripped jeans.

“I have a thing for sneakers – my parents are disgusted at me being a sneaker head.”

Aakash JaiswalWhat is your grooming regime?

“I really don’t follow a regime, but I keep a track of my diet and make sure that I am eating clean and healthy.

“I don’t like junk food at all. I don’t remember the last time I had a Cola or anything of that sort.

“Being a North Indian, I’m a big foodie. Thank God for my athletic body, it means I don’t tend to put on weight.

“I don’t like going to the gym, so I do more of a cross training and free hand work out. I love playing basketball too.

“For skin and hair, I keep myself hydrated. I apply sunscreen before stepping out even if it’s not sunny. I also oil my hair every week to maintain the natural shine.”

What is your career ambition?

“I want to be an actor. Period.”

Aakash JaiswalWith so many accomplishments already under his belt and big aspirations for the future, Aakash Jaiswal is definitely one to watch.

DESIblitz wishes him all the best in his career!

A fashion designer and visionary at heart; Sairah enjoys engaging in her passions – writing and designing. With a Masters in Journalism, her motto is: "Challenge yourself with something you think you could never do, and you can accomplish anything."

Images courtesy of Aakash Jaiswal

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