A Chilli Face Mask gives a Glow says Beauty Blogger

Beauty Blogger Rochelle Wickramasuriya from Sri Lanka posts a viral video applying chilli to her face to give it ‘JLO GLOW’.

Chilli on the face

"If it's unbearable (quite unlikely) then wash it off right away”.

With all the latest beauty hacks growing in the beauty world, DESIblitz has come across quite an unusual one – chilli on the face.

Beauty blogger Rochelle Wickramasuriya from Sri Lanka posted a video on her instagram in which she applied chilli as a face mask to obtain a ‘JLO GLOW’.

The 22 year old blogger uses all natural products. The main ingredient used is Cayenne pepper which contains vitamins and antioxidants. The Blogger said on her instagram page “this increases the collagen production and and also helps reduce/prevent wrinkles, acne scars and pigmentation. Its anti inflammatory properties also helps tackle acne and scaring”.

The ingredients used consist of the following: 1½ cups of whole milk, 1 tbsp of lemon juice, pinch cayenne pepper, ¼ tsp cinnamon powder and ½ tsp honey.

The beauty blogger demonstrates adding lemon juice to milk, she then separates the milk fat once its the mixture is curdled and mixes it until she gets a smooth texture. After placing it in the fridge to chill she adds the pepper, cinnamon and honey. Mixes it and shows a video on applying it all over her face avoiding the eye area.

She gasps at the stinging sensation but carries on applying. Rochelle puts a disclaimer at the bottom of her description saying ‘consult your physician’.

It’s important to note, depending on your skin type and concern, the reactions will vary.

The video received over 119,744 views and there are mixed responses in the comments section.

One comment said: “tried and it does leave you with a much softer clearer skin.”

Whilst another wrote:

“I tried it, still haven’t washed it off, waiting 20 more minutes & it’s currently burning”, to which the blogger replied: “if it’s a little bit of burning, its totally fine. If it’s unbearable (quite unlikely) then wash it off right away.”

The purpose of the chilli mask is to add glow and brighten your skin. It is said to tighten skin and stimulate blood flow.

Rochelle Wickramasuriya is known for her skin care treatments and has a 30,000 following on Instagram.

Watch the video of Rochelle’s chilli face mask:

A video posted by BeautybyRoche ? (@__roche) on

Would you be brave enough to try this remedy, is the question!

Sabiha is a psychology graduate. She is passionate about writing, women empowerment, Indian classical dance, performing and food! Her motto is “we need to teach our women to be somebodies instead of somebody’s”

Images courtesy of Rochelle Wickramasuriya Instagram

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