Nitin Chauhan talks Modelling, Fitness and Fashion

Indian model Nitin Chauhan speaks to us exclusively about his creative vision, and how he went from studying Fine Arts to walking for Manish Malhotra.

Nitin Chauhan

"Explore fashion sensibilities through nature, music, people and culture."

Nitin Chauhan, probably most recognised for his well-groomed facial hair and man bun, is a creative soul.

The 27-year-old Indian model is a graduate in Bachelor of Fine Arts.

A natural on the runway, he has already worked with renowned designers like Manish Malhotra and Shantanu Nikhil.

If he is not suiting up for fashion magazine spreads, he is rocking the casual avatar in stylishly plain T-shirts and jeans.

The ruggedly handsome Nitin tells us more about his passion for fashion and career aspirations in an exclusive interview.

When did you decide to take modelling as a career path and what inspired you to do so?

“Honestly never planned a career in modelling. It was rather a natural process.

“During my college days, I participated in various fashion shows, and I noticed that everyone complimented on how I looked on the ramp and the presence I had.

“It did trigger a thought then. But later when I was working as a graphic designer in Delhi, I got multiple offers from ace designers and thus started my journey into this career.

“I am a creative soul and an art lover. To me, modelling is nothing but a creative expression where as a model, you beautifully depict someone’s creation. That’s very inspiring to me!”

Nitin ChauhanHow supportive were your family members when you decided to become a model?

“I had the full support of my family when I decided to take up modelling as a career.

“And my mother who has been a guiding force in my life was the most supportive. Today, when she sees me on billboards, fashion shows and television, she is the happiest soul.”

Starting out in the industry, was there anything that came as a shock?

“When I came into modelling, I was a complete fresher. This industry and its varied nuances were not known to me. Therefore, I was very naive to many situations and trusted people instantly.

“What I found quite strange was the cut-throat competition amongst peers and friends, which took be a while to get used to.”

Nitin ChauhanWhat are the least and most enjoyable parts of your job?

“I am a bit of a restless soul, therefore the least enjoyable part of my job is the endless waiting, such as between shots or between tech rehearsals at fashion shows.

“As for the most enjoyable part of my job, I love being in front of the lens. I enjoy the one-on-one interaction with the camera.

“The unsaid words, the undefined moments created… that lead into creation of beautiful pictures. It’s a creative high for me!”

Can you highlight your most defining moment as a model?

“For me, the most defining and gratifying moment in my career was when I got signed in as the face of Raymond.

“In India, it is every male model’s dream to be the face of the most desirable men’s fashion brand, like Raymond which is a legacy brand of over 90 years.”

Nitin ChauhanCan you describe a day in your life?

“A typical day when I am going for a shoot with an early call time: I get greeted by my alarm clock.

“I prepare myself a cup of tea and a bit of browsing through the newspapers and straight into my meditation session.

“Then a quick shower, dress up and breakfast on the go! Reach the set and straight in hair and make-up.

“I always like a brief chat with the photographer to comprehend his expectations out of me for the shoot.

“And then it’s all about my romance with the camera and I enjoy every moment.

“Post the eight-hour shoot back home, freshen up and a relaxed moment with myself over some soul searching music, and eventually tuck into bed. Tomorrow is yet another day!”

How do you stay in shape?

“Our profession certainly demands us to stay in shape. But I look at it from a different perspective – it’s rather staying healthy for the mind, body and soul.

“Therefore, I indulge myself in a lot of meditation, long walks, yoga and running.”

Nitin ChauhanWho/what is your fashion inspiration?

“It’s difficult to pin point anything or anybody in particular. However, I feel fashion is an evolving phenomenon.

“One needs to constantly explore and discover fashion sensibilities through nature, art forms, music, people and culture.”

Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

“I want to continue in the creative area. Five years down the line, I wish to see myself as a successful actor in Indian cinema – being able to nurture my creative skills and exploring varied roles across cinema genres.”

Had you not become a model, what would you be doing for a living?

“From my childhood I am creatively inclined. I love art form and I love to experiment with varied art expressions.

“Being a graduate in Bachelor of Fine Arts and specialising in Applied Arts, if not modelling, I would have been a painter and a photographer – giving meaning to self expression and nurturing my passion in art.”

Unbounded by conventional boundaries and armed with a mind full of imaginations, Nitin Chauhan is only just getting started.

Scarlett is an avid writer and pianist. Originally from Hong Kong, egg tart is her cure for homesickness. She loves music and film, enjoys travelling and watching sports. Her motto is “Take a leap, chase your dream, eat more cream.”

Images courtesy of Nitin Chauhan Facebook and Instagram

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