A Feast of Vultures ~ a Book by Josy Joseph

Josy Joseph an award-winning investigative journalist from New Delhi is set to release his new book – A Feast of Vultures.

JOSY JOSEPH - A feast of vultures

A Feast of Vultures demonstrates the investigative detail applied by Joseph

Josy Joseph an award-winning investigative journalist is releasing his new book on the 28th July 2016 called A Feast of Vultures – The Hidden Business of Democracy in India.

In 2010, Josy Joseph was elected by Prem Bhatia for Best Political Reporter ‘for his scoops and revelations, which include a list of scams that have become familiar names in the political lexicon.’

Josy is based in New Delhi is known for his articles in The Hindu. A few of his previous works include, ‘Make in India’ is a mere slogan and Reporting all that’s stranger than fiction.

His book, A Feast of Vultures offers a lot more in terms of his literary prowess compared to an extension of his articles and focuses on how the business world in modern and practical India operates. The so called ‘facilitators’ of business deals small or large are the central role players in this book.

The book has been quoted as “an unprecedented multiple-level inquiry into modern India and the picture it reveals is both explosive and frightening.”

It contains damning evidence against some of the largest businesses in India’s and highly established politicians. The reopening of major scandals are the political tone in the book

A Feast of Vultures demonstrates the investigative detail applied by Joseph in the book to bring to the surface a narrative that calls for the cry of change in India.

The UK’s Guardian’s review of A Feast of Vultures says:

“The story is big: that of treacherous business rivalries, of how some industrial houses practically own the country, of the shadowy men who run the nation’s politics.

The story is small: a village needs a road and a hospital, a graveyard needs a wall, people need toilets.

A tour de force through the heart of modern India, weaving together the daily struggles of its poorest with the shenanigans of its rich.

A Feast of Vultures clinically examines and irrefutably documents the crisis gripping the world’s largest democracy.”

The book is a must read for anyone who takes an interest in understanding modern India and its scandalous economical dealings perhaps never been reported before in this nature.

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