7 Everlasting Ranbir Kapoor Songs by Arijit Singh

Ranbir Kapoor has had some soul-stirring numbers rendered by Arijit Singh in his career. We list seven of them.

7 Everlasting Ranbir Kapoor Songs by Arijit Singh - F

Embrace the magic of Ranbir Kapoor and Arijit Singh.

When it comes to Gen Z Indian music, the combination of Ranbir Kapoor and Arijit Singh is proving itself to be an evergreen association.

One of the finest actors of his time, Ranbir is a source of magic onscreen, infusing his songs with emotion and dignity.

Meanwhile, Arijit Singh is the maestro of melody, outdoing himself with every rendition.

When the beauty of Arijit’s voice melds with Ranbir’s celluloid charm, the results leave an indelible mark on the audience.

Taking you through a musical odyssey, DESIblitz showcases a list of seven everlasting Ranbir Kapoor songs by Arijit Singh that you must hear.

Ilahi – Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani (2013)


In one of their early songs, Arijit Singh proves that he is a fantastic voice for Ranbir Kapoor.

Showcasing a reflective Ranbir as Kabir ‘Bunny’ Thapar, this song is a travel sequence as Bunny moves from place to place.

The soundtrack of Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani is filled with energetic dance numbers.

However, ‘Ilahi’ adds a certain distinction to the album.

NDTV underlines this freshness and says:

“After all these dance tracks, the album takes a regional turn with ‘Ilahi’, a simple song, sung by Arijit.

“It has chorus by children singing in background brings freshness to it.”

‘Ilahi’ is the unsung hero of the music of Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani. 

It works as a drive-time cruise and a bedtime melody.

For cine-goers, the emotion with which Ranbir Kapoor performs the number is icing on the cake.

Agar Tum Saath Ho – Tamasha (2015)


This despondent track is adorned with pathos.

‘Agar Tum Saath Ho’ is a poetic duet between Arijit and the veteran singer Alka Yagnik.

Alka has a tremendous fanbase that was rejuvenated as her playback output had somewhat decreased in the days of Tamasha.

However, Arijit truly holds his own.

The song presents Ranbir as Ved Vardhan Sahni and Deepika Padukone as Tara Maheshwari.

Writing for Medium, Masoom Vyas enthusiastically praises the chartbuster:

“This is by far the best song in the album.

“It’s written so beautifully and expressed so serenely.

“You can keep on hearing it again and again, without wanting it to end.

“Do focus on the lyrics, especially the part Arijit sings.”

The anthem of Tamasha, ‘Agar Tum Saath Ho’ emboldens the significance of togetherness and companionship.

Channa Mereya – Ae Dil Hai Mushkil (2016)


From Karan Johar’s 2016 masterpiece comes an enchanting song that paints a picture of love like never before.

For such a requirement, who better to perform it than Ranbir and Arijit?

‘Channa Mereya’ appears at various points in the film.

However, its introduction takes place at the wedding of Alizeh Khan (Anushka Sharma) and DJ Ali Ahmed (Fawad Khan).

A heartbroken Ayan Sanger (played by Ranbir) is also at the wedding. He harbours an unrequited love for Alizeh.

Ayan sings this song for Alizeh, shocking her.

Arijit’s masterful voice aptly conveys the pain of unrequited love. The emotion on Ranbir’s face tugs at the heartstrings.

In a music review of the film, Joginder Tuteja notes how ‘Channa Mereya’ compliments the film’s narrative:

“This one is again experimental in a setting which is that of a celebration.

“A true-blue Hindi film song, it is situational in appeal and should make for a good inclusion in the narrative.”

Fans across the globe love this song. It is captivating and unique both in its dramatisation and rendition.

Galti Se Mistake – Jagga Jasoos (2017)


While Jagga Jasoos did not do well as a film, its songs won hearts all over.

In the enthusiastic song ‘Galti Se Mistake,’ Arijit joins forces with Amit Mishra and Shubhanshu Kesharwani.

It features Ranbir Kapoor (Jagga Rana Bagchi) dancing dynamically, while Katrina Kaif (Shruti Sengupta) adds colour to the picturisation.

Arijit’s high pitches match the energy of Ranbir, reminding Indian film connoisseurs of the importance of actor-singer combinations.

‘Galti Se Mistake’ amassed a large fan following in Japan, as pointed out by a fan on YouTube:

“All Japanese people love this because this dance fits with any song.”

Music Aloud describes the number as a “fun song, made even more so by its visuals.”

These visuals would not have been possible without Ranbir.

In an album containing over 25 songs, it is easy for one to lose its place. However, on the contrary, ‘Galti Se Mistake’ is a stand-out.

Kesariya – Brahmastra: Part One – Shiva (2022)


The film version of this hugely original romantic track is a duet between Arijit Singh and Antara Mishra.

It plays over the besotted Shiva (Ranbir Kapoor) and Isha Chatterjee (Alia Bhatt) as they begin their travels together.

Before the song, Isha tells Shiva: “Do you know the meaning of Isha? Parvati.

“And without Parvati, Shiva is incomplete.”

This underscores the companionship the characters share and that is the axis around which the film runs.

‘Kesariya’ is a scintillating track. While the phrase ‘Love Storiyaan’ was met with some criticism, the number is an overall success.

Co-producer Karan Johar admits that he had director Ayan Mukerji re-shoot the song:

“‘Kesariya’ was shot with Ranbir dancing quite feverishly.”

“When we saw the song, I said, ‘What the hell is going on? What is wrong with you, Ayan? Why were they dancing?’

“‘Kesariya’ was shot differently. Same tune and melody but is treated differently.

“It is then that Ayan realised it has to be treated differently.”

Karan’s intuition, Ayan’s receptiveness, Arijit’s vocals, and Ranbir’s performance all create a romantic song for the ages.

For ‘Kesariya’, Arijit won the 2023 Filmfare Award for ‘Best Male Playback Singer’.

O Bedardeya – Tu Jhoothi Main Makkaar (2023)


‘O Bedardeya’ is an ode to heartbreak and longing.

A mesmeric Arijit Singh solo, the song shows Ranbir as Rohan ‘Mickey’ Arora as he abandons Nisha ‘Tinni’ Malhotra (Shraddha Kapoor) on their wedding day.

The iconography of the pair unable to sleep in separate beds increases the anguish that is expertly brought to life by Arijit.

A Film Companion review of the movie highlights the urge the songs of the film create:

“Pritam’s sugary tunes and Amitabh Bhattacharya’s witty, wily lyrics are wrapped in choreography that is sharp-edged, precise and catchy.

“The songs leave you with that overeager, undimmed urge to hum the same melody, flick the same wrist.”

Commenting on ‘O Bedardeya’, a fan remarks:

“Ranbir walking out of the wedding and Arijit Singh’s voice in the background will always be legendary.”

These thoughts leave one in no uncertain terms that the association between Ranbir Kapoor and Arijit Singh is loved and popular.

There are other wonderful songs in Tu Jhoothi Main Makkaar.

However, ‘O Bedardeya’ is a product of finesse and elegance.

Satranga – Animal (2023)


‘Satranga’ generates an idea of confusion and grief.

Some of the lyrics state: “My heart is in mourning and yet this love is alive.”

This traumatic juxtaposition makes Animal the moving film that it is.

‘Satranga’ shows the deterioration of Ranvijay ‘Vijay’ Singh’s (Ranbir Kapoor) relationship with his wife Geetanjali Iyengar Singh (Rashmika Mandanna).

However, the song explains that the love they share is very much intact despite their upheaval.

Towards the end of the song, Vijay tells Geetanjali: “I don’t know if I’ll come back or not, but if I don’t, please don’t marry again.”

Geetanjali breaks down in fresh tears behind closed doors.

Umesh Punwani from Koimoi credits the success of ‘Satranga’ to Arijit:

“Yes, the lyrics are good, but it’s Arijit Singh who makes this song what it is.

“The trademarked innocence he carries in his voice carries the simplicity of its words with all the grace.

“It starts with the typical Arijit Singh humming and continues to be one memorable track.”

Arijit blends melancholy with music. For that, ‘Satranga’ is a well-placed gem in the history of 2020’s Bollywood songs.

When Arijit Singh and Ranbir Kapoor come together, magic is created.

Both artists compliment each other greatly in front of the microphone and onscreen.

Viewers and listeners alike love this combination that seems to be brightening with every number.

In 2023, Ranbir joined Arijit in a Chandigarh live concert, delighting hoards of fans.

This signifies their mutual respect that translates beautifully onscreen.

So, add these songs to your playlists and embrace the magic of Ranbir Kapoor and Arijit Singh.

It is sure to enthral and amaze for generations to come.

Manav is a creative writing graduate and a die-hard optimist. His passions include reading, writing and helping others. His motto is: “Never hang on to your sorrows. Always be positive."

Images courtesy of India.com and Koimoi.

Videos courtesy of YouTube.

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