6 Most Expensive Cricket Bats 2023 by Popular Brands

Global brands have manufactured top cricket bats that cover all price ranges. Here, we look at the most expensive willow on the market.

6 Most Expensive Cricket Bats 2023 by Popular Brands

The spine height adds backbone to your shots

In the dynamic world of cricket, where every stroke holds the promise of glory, the choice of cricket bats is a decision of importance.

Whether you’re a seasoned player or love an innings in the garden, picking the top willow can be difficult. 

Whilst some individuals prefer certain budget-friendly bats, others like to splash out.  

2023 has unveiled an array of these knocked-in products, often accompanied by a hefty price tag.

Among these elite contenders are some of the most popular cricketing brands, from Kookaburra to Gray Nicolls. 

We explore the most expensive cricket bats of 2023, each a masterpiece in its own right. 

Laver & Wood Signature 2023 

6 Most Expensive Cricket Bats 2023 by Popular Brands

The 2023 Laver & Wood Signature Grade cricket bat is meticulously crafted for those who appreciate the art and science of the game.

Offering a blend of classic design and cutting-edge performance, the bat is a testament to Laver & Wood’s commitment to excellence

Crafted for the discerning player, this full-size short-handle bat features an oval cane handle, providing a comfortable grip that allows for precise control over your shots.

The full-size blade ensures a generous sweet spot, allowing you to execute powerful strokes with confidence and finesse.

With a weight of 1.2 kg, this bat strikes the perfect balance between heft and manoeuvrability.

It’s an ideal choice for players who appreciate a well-balanced instrument.

The classic profile of the bat adds a touch of tradition to your game, while the red and white labels exude a sense of style and sophistication on the field.

The product boasts a low sweet spot, catering to players who thrive on playing shots along the ground.

With such features and perfect craftsmanship, the bat will set you back in the range of £1196 – £1259, making it one of the most expensive bats of 2023.

Kookaburra Kahuna Pro Jos Butler Replica

6 Most Expensive Cricket Bats 2023 by Popular Brands

At £1000, the Kookaburra Jos Buttler bat is an exact replica of the bat wielded by the English cricketer.

Made with precision and finesse, this unbleached English willow bat is graded based on performance rather than cosmetic appearance.

At 1.2 kg, the bat offers power and control.

The bat comes with a free Jos Buttler Edition bat cover, adding a touch of style and protection to your cricket gear.

Likewise, the bat features a short handle, providing a comfortable grip for dynamic play.

The middle, located approximately 215 mm – 235 mm from the toe, ensures a sweet spot that aligns with an aggressive and versatile playing style.

The curved face enhances the bat’s aerodynamics, allowing for swift strokes, while the standard toe profile ensures durability for long-lasting performance.

The spine height adds backbone to your shots and the subtle scallop enhances the bat’s pick-up. 

The oval handle and ‘Spira’ grip provide a comfortable and secure hold, ensuring that you can confidently take on any bowler.

Gray Nicolls Legend Adult Cricket Bat

6 Most Expensive Cricket Bats 2023 by Popular Brands

The Gray Nicolls 2023 Legend cricket bat sits at around £999 and is a reimagined masterpiece.

This latest iteration of the most historic mark in Gray Nicolls’ collection has married form and function to create a bat that stands out in both style and substance.

The Legend design, burned onto the blade with precision branding, is a visual testament to the high quality.

Crafted with the absolute highest quality English willow, each bat in the Legend range is hand-selected to be part of the premium collection.

Handmade in Robertsbridge by master bat makers, the Legend is a triumph of quality.

The blade boasts a concaved profile and mid-swell, resulting in a remarkably well-balanced bat with the lightest of pick-ups.

This mid-blade swell ensures a sustained sweet spot across the blade, catering to players of all styles and promising exceptional performance in every shot.

Gunn & Moore Ben Stokes Phase II DXM 

6 Most Expensive Cricket Bats 2023 by Popular Brands

Introducing the Gunn and Moore Ben Stokes Phase II bat. 

This bat is made by GM’s master bat maker, employing their patented DXM technology to ensure an exact recreation of Stokes’ preferred specifications.

Constructed with the highest Grade 1 unbleached English willow available, this bat is a pinnacle of quality for both professionals and amateurs.

Although, availability is limited due to the exclusivity of the willow used. 

Featuring a high-quality six-piece, treble spring Singapore cane handle, the bat offers a combination of flexibility and stability for optimal control.

Dressed with Diamond stickers, it captures the essence of Stokes’ own bat, making it a true collector’s item for fans and a high-performance tool for serious cricketers.

The protective bat case ensures that your investment stays in top condition, ready to perform whenever you step onto the field.

The bat is laser engraved with Ben Stokes’ signature, and as with all GM bats, it undergoes GM NOW factory preparation, including extra-press, linseed oil, and an anti-scuff sheet.

The GM ToeTek with DriGuard and ToeShield technologies further enhance the bat’s durability, reducing toe swell and protecting against moisture ingress.

This specific product is in the region of £721 and is up there with the most expensive cricket bats of 2023. 

MRF Genius Game Changer Bat 

6 Most Expensive Cricket Bats 2023 by Popular Brands

Used mostly across India, and more famously by cricketing icon, Virat Kohli, MRF cricket bats are highly popular. 

The MRF Genius Game Changer bat is made from carefully selected player’s grade willow.

MRF, a brand synonymous with innovation, this bat is arguably the best-looking product available, showcasing ultimate craftsmanship.

MRF, with its rich legacy in cricket equipment, has consistently delivered products that redefine the standards of performance.

And, the Genius Game Changer is no exception.

The 3D embossed stickers and laser engraving on the bat not only enhance its visual appeal but also speak volumes about the attention to detail that goes into every MRF product. 

To complement this exceptional bat, MRF presents a new premium padded bat cover, ensuring that your investment is protected with care.

This cover is not just functional but is also a testament to MRF’s commitment to providing buyers with a complete and premium experience.

Costing around £698, any player would be lucky to have this bat. 

Spartan Diamond Players Edition Cricket Bat 

6 Most Expensive Cricket Bats 2023 by Popular Brands

At £532, the Spartan Diamond Players Edition cricket bat is made for those who demand nothing but the absolute best in performance.

This limited edition English willow bat is a superior Grade 1 creation, endorsed by the players themselves.

Designed for those who play at the highest level, the Diamond Edition boasts an imposing mid-range profile that strikes with power and accuracy.

The traditional style spine runs through the entire blade, ensuring consistency and maximising explosive power.

The bat features an even bow, providing a sweet spot that spans the entire face.

Its perfect balance and light to medium weight make it a dream to wield, offering unrivalled control.

The large edge and round face further enhance the bat’s sweet spot, allowing players to confidently take on any challenge on the field.

Crafted with a 12-piece cane handle, the Diamond Edition ensures a comfortable and secure grip, giving you the confidence to take on any bowler. 

The Diamond Edition is part of a limited series, and its sleek black design adds a touch of elegance to your game. 

From the heritage-laden halls of Gray Nicolls to the high-tech realms of Kookaburra, each of these cricket bats represents a fusion of art and performance.

Whilst these products are expensive, they will last a lifetime with proper care. 

Cricket players can buy these bats from either their local sports shop or online via global sellers. 

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Images courtesy of GM, MRF, Gray Nicolls, Gunn & Moore, Spartan Diamond & Kookaburra.

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