100 Year Old Runner Man Kaur wins Gold in Canada

100-year-old runner Man Kaur from India won a gold medal in a hundred metre race in Canada and not for the first time! DESIblitz has more.

100 Year Old Runner Man Kaur wins Gold in Canada

"Winning makes her happy."

Man Kaur the 100-year-old runner doesn’t allow age to defy her, after winning gold in a 100-metre race, in the Americas Masters Games. The games took place in Vancouver, Canada, where Kaur also won countless hearts by winning the gold medal in the race for older athletes.

She had completed the race in one minute and 21 seconds, and even though she lagged behind her younger competitors, she was the only competitor in the category for women over 100.

Kaur took the gold home due to being the only female aged 100 years old to compete and was significantly cheered on by the younger competitors and new admirers.
Originally from Chandigarh in India, Man Kaur has previously won more than 20 medals, including three golds in one week.

Her son, 78 year-old Gurdev Singh told Canada Metro News to how his mother has motivated and inspired other athletes and continues to promote running.

“She encourages them, old ladies, that they should run, they should not eat wrong foods, and they should encourage their children also to take part in the Games.”

Being labelled a ‘dynamic spirit’ Kaur has since won more than 20 medals in Masters Games across the globe, including in other sports, such as shot-put and javelin.

100 Year Old Runner Man Kaur wins Gold in Canada

Singh, who translated for his mother, explains how they both got into running when Kaur was 93 years of age, after being adamant that she would become a star.

“I asked her. ‘You have no problem, no knee problem, no heart problem, you should start running,’ ” he recalled. “She could become prominent all over the world.”

Unsurprisingly, Man Kaur claims the key to a long and healthy life is by eating well and exercising plenty. Both mother and son don’t eat any fried foods and only home cooked meals.

Even when returning to her home in Chandigarh, Kaur continues with her routine by going out every evening to run five or 10 short distances, according to her son.

When returning home, her son recalls: “When she wins, she goes back to India, and she’s excited to tell others, ‘I have won so many medals from this country.’

“Winning makes her happy.”

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Images Courtesy of CTV News and The Hindu

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