10 Top Indian Photographers to Watch in 2024

Dive into the compelling stories and stunning images captured by India’s top photographers, providing novel insights into life and culture.

10 Top Indian Photographers to Watch in 2024

She's also won the Princess Diana Award

The rise of Indian photographers has been nothing short of remarkable.

With an unwavering dedication to their art and a strong passion for storytelling, these talents are revolutionising the field of visual narration, one frame at a time.

These photographers have embraced the variegated fabric of their nation as both muse and canvas.

Through these eyes, one may see glimpses of India’s colourful traditions, rich cultural legacy, and stunning natural beauty.

Every photographer has a different perspective to offer, a lens through which they see the world.

Through their art, they can convey the unfiltered feelings, ephemeral moments, and untold tales that are frequently missed in the rush of everyday life.

Their images provide a wealth of information about the human experience in all its complexity and variety, from the calm dignity of elderly people deep in contemplation to the innocent playfulness of nature.

Through their photos, we are given fresh perspectives on the world we live in.

Pubarun Basu

Pubarun Basu is deeply intertwined with art and life, a connection he has fostered since a young age.

His days are adorned with artistic wonders, as he has explored the realms of creativity from his earliest memories.

Photography is his primary mode of expression, a path he embarked upon following in his father’s footsteps.

Raised along the banks of the river Ganga, Basu shares a profound connection with his natural surroundings.

The river has not only shaped his life but also his photographic journey, inspiring him to seek magic in the mundane and discover the extraordinary within the ordinary.

Basu’s work revolves around themes of cultural diversity, environmental conservation, and social inclusion.

Additionally, he documents vanishing indigenous traditions and their relevance amidst climate change, amplifying the voices of marginalised communities.

As a leader, Basu envisions a future guided by cross-cultural perspectives and values.

He takes pride in the talent of his generation and believes in fostering leadership through the catharsis of great minds.

To this end, he founded The Soil Society, a global community of young changemakers dedicated to protecting the planet and its people. 

Tanmay Sapkal

10 Top Indian Photographers to Watch in 2024

Tanmay is a self-taught fine art landscape photographer based in the San Francisco Bay Area.

His passion for capturing the beauty of the natural world drives him to explore the landscapes of the western United States in his free time.

Originally from Mumbai, India, Tanmay has called the US home for over 10 years.

His photography journey began during childhood travels with his parents to remote corners of India.

Starting with street and conceptual photography, Tanmay eventually gravitated towards landscape photography, fuelled by his profound love for the wilderness.

When reflecting on his artistic motivations, Tanmay expresses:

“I hope that through my work, I can inspire others to appreciate and protect the beauty of the world around us.

“My photography is a way for me to bring attention to important issues and encourage positive change.”

Tanmay’s images have garnered international recognition and publication.

He actively utilises his platform to advocate for environmental and social justice causes, participating in exhibitions and projects dedicated to these themes. 

Engaging with his local community, Tanmay is deeply committed to making a positive impact through his art.

Prathamesh Jaju

10 Top Indian Photographers to Watch in 2024

Prathamesh Jaju, an Amateur Astronomer and Astrophotographer hailing from Pune, India, has been captivated by the marvels of the universe since the tender age of 8.

His fascination with space and science led him to immerse himself in movies and TV shows such as Star Trek and Star Wars.

Seeking to deepen his understanding of space, Prathamesh became a member of Jyotirvidya Parisanstha, India’s oldest amateur astronomer association.

Embarking on his astrophotography journey at the age of 13 in 2018, Prathamesh has dedicated himself to refining his processing skills and mastering new techniques.

Aishwarya Sridhar

10 Top Indian Photographers to Watch in 2024

Aishwarya is renowned as a National Geographic Explorer, filmmaker, photographer, and presenter.

In 2021, she achieved recognition as an Emerging Fellow at the International League of Conservation Photographers.

Preferring intuition over technicality in her photography, she immerses herself in the wild, untamed landscapes of India.

With a portfolio spanning more than 200 nature-themed images, Aishwarya’s work has been featured in prestigious publications like BBC Wildlife, The Guardian, and Mongabay.

Her debut documentary, Panje – The Last Wetland, aired on DD National and graced various film festivals. 

Recognised as the youngest and first female recipient of the Sanctuary Asia “Young Naturalist Award” in 2011, she’s also won the Princess Diana Award and the Wildlife Photographer of the Year Award.

For the latter, she was the first Indian woman to triumph.

Her photograph “Lights of Passion” received the Highly Commended Award in the Behaviour Invertebrate category.

In 2022, Explorer’s Club in NYC dubbed her one of the “50 Explorers Changing the World.”

Adil Hasan

10 Top Indian Photographers to Watch in 2024

Adil, hailing from New Delhi, is a photographer who honed his craft through photographic studies in Auckland, New Zealand.

His artistic endeavours frequently delve into themes of time, mortality, and the ever-evolving landscape of memory.

Adil’s constructed images often possess an aura akin to found photographs, some incubating for years within bags of undeveloped film or unearthed from the archives of old phone cameras.

His debut book, WHEN ABBA WAS ILL, was unveiled at the Jaipur Literature Festival in 2014.

It offered a poignant reflection on the final six months of his father’s life, serving as a cathartic exploration of loss and legacy.

Looking forward, Adil is immersed in the creation of three new books, each promising to be a compelling addition to his body of work

Aaradhya Shukla

10 Top Indian Photographers to Watch in 2024

Aaradhya Shukla, a gifted young photographer, specialises in capturing landscapes, wildlife, and everyday moments.

With an adept eye for detail, he offers viewers a fresh perspective.

Aaradhya’s photos underscore the importance of environmental preservation.

A master of lighting and contrast, his photographs bear a distinct aesthetic that reflects his unique style and artistic sensibility.

Baishnavi Bharati

10 Top Indian Photographers to Watch in 2024

Baishnavi Bharati, an energetic young photographer, specialises in capturing captivating portraits of individuals and their journeys.

Her photography epitomises the spirit of young Indian photographers, characterised by vibrant imagery that encapsulates the essence of Indian culture and its people.

She often showcases traditions, festivals, and age-old rituals that provide insights into the heritage of various regions across the country. 

Arunava Kundu

10 Top Indian Photographers to Watch in 2024

Arunava Kundu, an amateur photographer residing in Howrah, West Bengal, has harboured a keen interest in photography since childhood.

Transitioning his love and passion into a tangible pursuit has been a fulfilling journey for him.

His photography endeavours primarily focus on capturing people, daily life, and street activities.

Arunava’s prowess has garnered acclaim on both national and international stages. 

In 2014, he won the grand prize at the Shenzhen International Photography Contest in China.

Subsequently, in 2019, his works were showcased at the renowned Kolkata International Photography Festival (KIPF).

Arunava Kundu’s photography exudes a simplistic yet divine quality, with a specialisation in street, documentary, and daily life genres.

His mastery lies in capturing moments that are both poignant and timeless, often rendered in striking monochrome.

Prajay Katkoria

10 Top Indian Photographers to Watch in 2024

Prajay Katkoria adeptly captures captivating moments from daily life.

Specialising in street, rooftop, and aerial photography, his portfolio reflects his unique ability to find beauty in the ordinary.

Through his lens, he skillfully portrays the vibrancy of city life, offering viewers a serene glimpse amid the hustle and bustle.

Prajay’s photography provides a window into his distinctive perspective, inviting viewers to see the world through his eyes.

Rohan Kudalkar

10 Top Indian Photographers to Watch in 2024

Rohan Kudalkar skillfully captures a diverse range of subjects, including portraits, landscapes, and candid moments from everyday life.

His repertoire extends to pre-wedding and maternity shoots, where he effortlessly immortalises the joyous moments shared between couples.

Renowned for his picturesque and tranquil imagery, Rohan predominantly focuses on documenting his travels to coastal regions across India, including popular destinations like Goa, Karwar, and Mangalore.

His work has been featured by Incredible India, Nat Geo Traveller India, and Tripoto.

With a versatile skill set, Rohan continues to capture the beauty and essence of life through his lens.

One thing is quite evident here, these photographers are poignant storytellers.

These artists serve as a reminder of the ability of images to move us, encourage thinking, and arouse emotions.

We can’t wait to see what tales they have yet to share and the lasting influence they will surely have on the photographic community and beyond.

Balraj is a spirited Creative Writing MA graduate. He loves open discussions and his passions are fitness, music, fashion, and poetry. One of his favourite quotes is “One day or day one. You decide.”

Images courtesy of Instagram, Twitter & Featured Photographers.

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