10 Halal Restaurants to Visit in Nottingham

Choosing where to eat can be a difficult task. DESIblitz shares 10 halal restaurants to check out in Nottingham.

10 Halal Restaurants to Visit in Nottingham f

“You have to try the food, the best street food flavours"

Nottingham’s food scene has certainly come to life in the last few years and this includes an increase in halal restaurants.

A February 2021 article by the Nottinghamshire Live acknowledged Nottingham’s “fantastic” food scene, stating:

“The culinary delights that can be found across the city range from traditional restaurants and bars to Michelin-starred food venues.”

With Nottingham’s food scene flourishing, it can be difficult for Nottingham residents and visitors to pick exactly where to eat.

However, this task can be even more difficult for Muslim residents and visitors to Nottingham.

Finding a halal restaurant, which offers good quality halal food can be a task and a half.

DESIblitz are here to help you! We have compiled a list of 10 amazing halal restaurants that you need to visit in Nottingham.


10 Halal Restaurants in Nottingham - Chaska

Address: 35 Lenton Boulevard, Lenton, Nottingham, NG7 2ET

Chaska, which opened in January 2020, is a restaurant you must visit if you are a fan of Desi street food.

This halal restaurant, located in Lenton, is an Indian and Pakistani street food eatery.

Chaska, which serves a range of grills, curries and finger food, aims to “bring the streets of Lahore and Mumbai to you”.

The menu offers a wide selection of traditional street food. This includes Aloo Tikki Bun, Samosas, Kebabs, Roti Wraps and Gol Gappay.

It also offers a traditional Desi nashta (breakfast), consisting of Halwa, Channa, Aloo Bujia, Puris and Tea for only £7.50!

The owners, speaking to the Nottingham Post, mentioned that they visited Pakistan as part of their research.

They visited Lahore, Islamabad and Sialkot to check out the latest food trends, in order to really bring the flavour of the subcontinent to Nottingham.

Alongside the classic street food, Chaska also serves some of your favourite Desi drinks from Karak Chai to Mango Lassi to Rooh Afza Doodh. There is something for everyone.

This alcohol-free halal restaurant serves fruity mocktails with innovative names.

You can opt for the ‘Yeh Drink Mujhe Deh Do’ or the ‘Rang de Basant’ or ‘Aaj Ke Shaam’ mocktail.

Chaska has frequently been praised for its excellent food, helpful staff and value for money dishes.

If you are confused over what one dish to try at Chaska, then their signature Desi Tawa may be for you! The Desi Tawa has a little bit of everything Chaska has to offer.

It consists of Chicken Tikka, Lamb Seekh Kebab, Chatt Patt Wings, Desi Lamb, Chicken Karahi, Chips, Biryani and Naan – all served on a massive tawa!

It is great value for money and costs only £25 for 2 people or £40 for 4 people. One Tripadvisor user praised Chaska’s Desi Tawa, explaining:

“It exceeded my expectations. From the flavouring of the grill dishes to the spice levels of the curries everything was on point.

“You have to try the food, the best street food flavours in Notts.”

If you are looking to try some authentic halal Desi street food it would be worth checking Chaska out!

Visit their menu here.


10 Halal Restaurants in Nottingham - Buns

Address: 119 Ilkeston Rd, Nottingham, NG7 3HE

Buns, which opened in November 2019, is a high-quality halal burger joint on Ilkeston Road.

Founder Wasim Ali, speaking to the Nottingham Post in 2019, asserted:

“We believe the Nottingham takeaway food scene was missing out on fresh handmade smashed beef burgers, proper buttermilk chicken wings/strips, loaded fries and milkshakes.”

Buns have a range of classic and unique burgers to choose from.

You can choose from a Chicken Cheeto Burger or a Philly Cheese Steakburger. The latter consists of strips of Angus steak, onions, peppers, mushrooms, cheese and mayo! Plus much more!

If you can’t decide between beef or chicken try the “Nice Two Meats You” burger for only £6.95!

This burger is described as:

“The lip-smacker fresh beef, crispy chicken breast, melted American cheese stacked with onions and turkey rashers, lettuce served on a toasted brioche bun.”

For an extra pound, you can even switch up the usual looking buns for pink and black buns.

You cannot have a burger without fries, right? Buns also serve some loaded beef fries, which one customer claimed are “to die for”.

Alongside the food, you can also purchase some creamy milkshakes in a range of flavours such as Lotus Biscoff or Oreo.

View their full menu here.

Oodles Chinese10 Halal Restaurants in Nottingham - Oodles Chinese

Address: 133-135 Mansfield Rd, Nottingham NG1 3FQ

Oodles Chinese is a popular Chinese take-out style restaurant. They have many franchises around the UK, including in Birmingham, Coventry, Leicester and London.

In Nottingham, this halal Chinese restaurant is located on Mansfield Road, just a short walk away from the Intu Victoria Shopping Centre.

Customers are able to fully customise their order to whatever they fancy!

You can choose between a noodle or rice box, as well as choosing your own “saucy dish” and “dry dish”.

These consist of Chilli Chicken, Thai Chicken Curry, Fish Fry, Crispy Chicken and much more!

The portions are extremely generous and you can purchase a small box for only £6.50 or a large box for £8.

One Tripadvisor user spoke extremely highly of Oodles Chinese in Nottingham:

“Everything was perfect, it was what I wanted it to be; the price, service, portion and taste was perfect and I can’t understand why I simply waited this long to try a good Halal Chinese takeaway that does home delivery with Just Eat.”

Visit their menu here.

Farro’s Grillhouse

10 Halal Restaurants in Nottingham - Farros Grillhouse

Address: 171 Mansfield Rd, Nottingham NG1 3FR

There’s a reason why Farro’s Grillhouse is rated 4.5 out of 5 on Tripadvisor.

Farro’s Grillhouse, located on Mansfield Road, has something for everyone’s tastebuds.

You are certainly spoilt for choice at this halal restaurant.

They serve yummy steaks, signature sizzler dishes, Calzones, Pizza, Pasta and Seafood as well as large portions of nachos for only £6.95!

However, Farro’s selection does not just stop at the savoury foods. There is sure to be something on the dessert menu to fulfil your sweet tooth.

Customers have frequently praised their cookie dough as a perfect way to finish your meal.

Many Tripadvisor users recommend the White Chocolate and Raspberry Cookie Dough and also the Kinder Bueno one.

Many customers have also praised Farros for their friendly staff and excellent customer service. One Tripadvisor user said:

“The staff go above and beyond to make you feel welcome. Everyone was kind, friendly and approachable.

“They all really wanted you to have a pleasurable experience here and due to this, when we visit Nottingham again, we will be returning here.”

Choosing which restaurant to go to with friends and family can be difficult, especially with everyone’s differing preferences.

However, Farro’s Grillhouse is a great option, as you can be sure there is something on the menu for everyone!

Check out the full menu here.


10 Halal Restaurants in Nottingham - Tamatanga

Address: The Cornerhouse, Trinity Square, Nottingham, NG1 4DB

Tamatanga, located in The Cornerhouse, brings the authentic taste of Indian food to Nottingham.

Tamatanga aims to provide diners with “real, fresh, homely food”.

This is why all their ingredients are fresh and local. All food is made fresh when you place your order. They even grind all their own spices by hand!

Customers have acknowledged this, with one Tripadvisor user stating:

“I have lived with an Indian host family, so trust me when I say that Tamatanga brings back the taste, the smells and atmosphere of homemade Indian food.”

Tamatanga has a vast flavoursome menu to choose from. They offer various different traditional curry bowls, biryani bowls, chaat bombs and much more!

One Tripadvisor user asserted:

“Never disappoints as always the food was as expected fresh and full of eastern flavours with a bit of a twist.”

Check out their full menu here.

Persian Empire Restaurant

10 Halal Restaurants in Nottingahm - Persian Empire

Address: 69-71 Upper Parliament St, Nottingham, NG1 6LD

If you’re looking for a halal restaurant that serves food from the Middle East, then this is the place for you.

The Persian Empire Restaurant, located in Nottingham City Centre, is an authentic Persian restaurant.

Persian Empire brings traditional Iranian food and culture to Nottingham.

Their dishes have evolved over centuries and they pride themselves in “delivering the very best in what Persia has to offer.”

Iranian cuisine is known for being extremely flavoursome.

It often combines flavours such as saffron, dried lime, cinnamon, parsley and turmeric.

Persian Empire serves a range of flavoursome grilled meat, Kebabs, Seafood and vegetable dishes, such as Loobia Polo.

Loobia Polo is described as:

“Persian green bean rice. Persian style rice cooked with green beans, potato, onions, tomato pure and carrot.”

Persian Empire also serves traditional Persian stews, such as Fesenjoon, which is described by the restaurant as:

“A Persian sweet and sour speciality dish; pieces of chicken cooked with ground walnuts, onions, spices and a pomegranate puree which creates a unique flavour.”

Fesenjoon is a popular Persian dish usually eaten in the winter.

Many customers have praised the Persian Empire as the “Best Persian restaurant” in Nottingham. With one Tripadvisor expressing:

“We ordered pistachio chicken, Persian tea, lamb chops. The entire meal was tasty.

“It brought me memories when I was still working in the middle east.”

Check out Persian Empire Restaurant if you are wanting to try some different cuisines.

Visit their menu here.

Burg10 Halal Restaurants in Nottingahm - Burg

Address: 884 Woodborough Rd, Mapperley, Nottingham NG3 5QR

Burg Burgers, located in Mapperley, is a unique burger restaurant offering a range of unique flavours.

Their aim is to provide tasty handcrafted burgers that never compromise on quantity or quality. They pride themselves on producing freshly cooked food.

Burg Burgers only use the finest cuts of meat for their burgers, so you can ensure you won’t be getting any frozen meat!

Likewise, their fries are 100% real potato fries that are cooked in non-hydrogenated vegetable oil, making them super crispy.

Customer satisfaction is at the heart of Burg Burgers, they aim to deliver all orders within 50 minutes!

Burg Burgers have received a high rating of 5.18 out of 6 and is frequently praised by customers. One Just Eat user expressed:

“First time ordering from here, got a philby cheese steak with chips and cheese, the best food I’ve ever ordered.”

While another user maintained that Burg Burgers is Nottingham’s missing piece:

“Hands down the best burgers I have ever tried. Nottingham needed a burger place like this, it is the best!!”

“You will not be disappointed. The burgers were so delicious, as well as the fire chips. I am definitely coming back – my new favourite takeaway!”

Visit their menu here.


10 Halal Restaurants in Nottingham - Tipoo

Address: 60 Alfreton Road, Nottingham, NG7 3NN

Tipoo, located on Alfreton Road, is a restaurant that serves authentic Turkish cuisine. The halal restaurant has been in Nottingham for over 30 years.

Customers have praised Tipoo’s authentic Turkish food, often expressing how it is the best Turkish restaurant in the East Midlands area:

“I tried fairly each Turkish restaurant in Nottingham and I always come back here.”

Tipoo offers a range of food such as seafood dishes and burgers. However, Tipoo predominantly serves a range of genuine Turkish kebabs, from Lamb Shish to Doner Kebab.

The Kebabs are reasonably priced and range between £6.50 and £14.

If you cannot decide which kebab to opt for from the long list, then Tipoo also has different platter options. These are great for sharing and trying different kebab options.

Tipoo also offers a range of traditional Turkish desserts such as Baklava and Kadayif for under £6.

Kadayif is an authentic dessert made from shredded wheat with nuts and sugar syrup. Whereas, Baklava is a dessert made with filo pastry and layered with nuts, syrup or honey.

One Tripadvisor user praised the reasonable pricing at Tipoo, asserting:

“For 2 meals and drinks, it cost less than £20. It was a great night out and I would definitely recommend it.”

If you are looking for some halal traditional Turkish food that won’t break the bank, check out Tipoo!

Visit their menu here.


10 Halal Restaurants in Nottingham - Saracens

Address: 86-88 Lower Parliament St, Nottingham NG1 1EH

Saracens, located in Nottingham City Centre, is a halal restaurant that prides itself on providing a luxury dining environment.

Saracens offers “fabulous food, delicious desserts and sapid shisha”, as well as the highest standard of customer service.

This reasonably priced luxury restaurant is rated 4.9/5 on Google Reviews, based on nearly 400 reviews.

They serve a variety of high-quality food for everyone’s preferences. From Chicken Paninis, Continental Lasagnas, Steaks or Nachos – there is something for everyone!

Saracens have been frequently praised on their cake and waffle selection, with one customer maintaining:

“The food was good and the highlight was definitely the Saracens waffle. I would 100% recommend this place.”

The popular Saracens waffles consist of: “A freshly griddled waffle, topped with strawberries, bananas and our very own Saracens special sauce!”

Their Red Velvet Cake, served with ice cream, is another favourite among customers.

Alongside the food, Saracens also provide “top quality and flavoursome” Shisha.

The Covid-19 lockdowns in the UK have meant businesses have had to shut their doors. Due to the no indoor dining rules restaurants are limited to only offering a takeaway service.

However, alongside their takeaway service, Saracens have started offering a drive-thru shisha service outside their restaurant.

The service is limited to 2 people of the same household per car and must be purchased alongside food.

Another customer review outlined:

“Food was delightful and arrived very quickly, but the atmosphere and people were something else!”

In addition to the indoor seating Saracens also have a vibrant rooftop terrace garden. The outdoor space is a picture-perfect place with its lighting, foliage and floral backgrounds.

Saracens explains:

“This space was specifically designed to provide a high-end shisha experience like no other.

“Every inch of this amazing outdoor space is picture-perfect but better in reality.”

If you are looking for a luxury restaurant with affordable prices, excellent food and great service, check out Saracens.

Check out their full menu here.


10 Halal Restaurants in Nottingham - Rikshaw

Address: 615 Mansfield Rd, Sherwood, Nottingham, NG5 2FW

Rikshaw is a contemporary Indian street food halal restaurant located in Sherwood in Nottingham.

This urban Indian takeaway serves a range of freshly cooked flavoursome dishes. These include various Chapatti Rolls, Tarka Daal, Chicken Sizzlers and Fish Pakora.

As well as some mouth-watering chaats such as the Papdi Chaat, Aloo Tikka Chaat and your classic Samosa Chaat.

Rikshaw only opened in 2018, however, it has been recognised in prestigious national competitions.

In 2019, they were crowned the best takeaway in the East Midlands at the English Curry Awards in Birmingham.

In 2020 they triumphed once again and was crowned the best takeaway in the East Midlands by the Best British Takeaway Awards.

Alongside this, Rikshaw was a finalist at the 2019 Nottinghamshire Live Food and Drink Awards.

This hype is definitely felt by its customers. Rickshaw has received a rating of 5.26 out of 6 from over 2,700 reviews on Just Eat!

Rikshaw has frequently been praised for their exceptional food, however, their chaats are most loved by customers. One Tripadvisor user maintained:

“I ordered the Papdi Chaat – gorgeous, Indian street food at its best – borderline addictive.”

While one Just Eat user explained how a takeaway from Rikshaw is a frequent recurrence in her house:

“Tuesday night cheeky treats from Rikshaw are becoming a regular fix.”

If you are on the lookout for some healthy Indian street food it would be worth checking Rikshaw out!

Check out their full menu here.

Nottingham has many amazing halal restaurants to visit, from Persian cuisines to Italian to Turkish to Desi Street Food.

While some restaurants serve traditional meals, others opt for more contemporary dishes.

But one thing is that they will not break the bank and they ensure that there is something for everyone, whether they are locals or visiting Nottingham.

Nishah is a History graduate with a keen interest in History and culture. She enjoys music, traveling and all things Bollywood. Her motto is: “When you feel like giving up remember why you started”.

Images courtesy of Chaska, Buns, Persian Empire, Tipoo, Oodles Chinese, Farro's Grillhouse, Tamatanga, Burg, Saracens and Rikshaw Instagram accounts.

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