Youth Arrested for fake Train Accident Selfie Viral Video

An Indian youth has allegedly been arrested for creating a fake train accident selfie viral video. In the clip, it shows him get hit by an oncoming train while he attempted to take a selfie.

Shiva and oncoming train

ABN Telegu aired a new video showing Shiva with his friends, where they make fun of the original clip.

Police have reportedly arrested an Indian youth after a train accident selfie video turned out to be fake. A regional news channel named ABN Telegu revealed the viral clip was actually staged by him and his friends.

On 24th January 2018, the footage surfaced on the internet and quickly spread through news outlets. It depicts a young man, known as Shiva, standing by train tracks.

In the distance, one can see a train emerging, but Shiva doesn’t move. Instead, he attempts to take a selfie and points to the train as it approaches.

However, the clip shows the vehicle colliding with the youth, his phone escaping his hands.

Initial reports claimed the man, allegedly from Telangana, survived yet had suffered serious head injuries. They added he was rushed to a private hospital and was in a stable condition.

But now, things have a taken a surprising twist in that the video was faked! On 25th January 2018, ABN Telegu aired a new video showing Shiva with his friends, where they make fun of the original clip.

The youth’s friends point over to him, looking well and with no injuries at all. He laughs and looks away, perhaps slightly embarrassed with the reaction to the video.

The news channel also revealed that he has now been arrested by police. This could be related to earlier reports that claimed Railway police had filed a complaint against the youth under the 147 IR act and for trespassing.

In addition, a journalist named Nellutla Kavitha has also shared the updated video. She even claimed that Shiva works as a gym instructor in Madapur and is absconding for the prank.

Prior to this new information, the media cited this case as an example of the rising popularity of selfies in India. With more youngsters aiming to create new ways of taking photos, this has led to an increase in selfie-related deaths.

In recent years, stories emerged of individuals dying from taking the ‘perfect selfie‘, such as one case where 3 teenagers died from an oncoming train. They attempted to take a photo of themselves on the tracks.

This means that in 2017 India has actually the highest number of selfie-related deaths. A study reported that between March 2014 and September 2016, 60% of all ‘selfie deaths’ happened in the country.

Research has been carried out in order to explore more on the increase. Samsung discovered that Indians are more likely to act ‘instinctive’ with their phones. A staggering 70% said they would immediately answer their mobile phone, while they crossed the road.

In addition, 14% admitted they took selfies also while crossing a road at least once per week. This seems to suggest a sense of ‘recklessness’ amongst phone users in the country.

With the Indian youth allegedly arrested by police, they will continue their investigation into the complaints.

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Image courtesy of IndiaTimes.

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